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Under-Construction Worker

— Choya Miner

Choya Miners are digitalized choya mining the crystals in Super Adventure Box. In Worlds 1, they are located near glitches that can be destroyed to obtain a Glitched Chest at the end of the zone. In World 2, only their lost items can be found, which provide clues to the location of the glitch. In World 3 Test Zone, they have been enslaved by Lord Vanquish.


Maguuma Jungle


Before purchasing the Choya Language Guide
Talk end option tango.png I see, I see. (I don't understand.)

After purchasing the Choya Language Guide[edit]

Overlooking the optional water route
Watch yourself around the DEEP WATER. If ya fall, it'll be a real pickle to clamber out.
Talk end option tango.png Good to know!
At Checkpoint 1
Minin's a tough gig. Gotta find enough crystals for the TITHE.
Talk end option tango.png Someday, Lord Vanquish will pay for his oppressive rule.
Outside cave with second bag of Choya Seeds
We mine the RED CRYSTALS for LORD VANQUISH'S overbearin' tithes. This's a good cavern, but when pickings are slim we have to go OUTSIDE.
Talk end option tango.png Maybe I've seen miners in other Worlds...
Overlooking the secret route through the waterfall
Somethin' odd about the BIG WATERFALL. My minin' instincts tell me there's a PASSAGE over yonder.
Talk end option tango.png I'd have to jump really far, but maybe I can make it.
At Checkpoint 2
'Bout ten years ago, LORD VANQUISH conquered the CHOYA an' cast us all into servitude. Someday he'll get his just desserts, ya know?
Talk end option tango.png I'm working on it!
Shopkeeper at Checkpoint 3
I'm beggin'ya, save my mates from the CAGE BOSS. You can take the MAGIC BOW.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks!
After Checkpoint 3
Some of the LADS couldn't make tithe and got locked up by the CAGE BOSS. Do somethin' will ya?
Talk end option tango.png I'm on the adventure.



  • Hard hats and mining picks are left on the way to the glitches. The light of the hard hat points in the right direction.
  • The Choya Miners inside the different zones are all out of reach. They also disappear through a glitch portal after the glitch nearby is destroyed and the player is close to the glitch location, though they'll reappear after a good amount of time.
  • Sometimes three Choya Miners will spawn from a glitch portal near the World 3 House in the Hub. They then walk to either of the World 1 or World 2 Houses.

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