Cannon (Super Adventure Box)

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Cannons are objects found inside Super Adventure Box. Players can climb up them to enter the barrel at which point the cannon will shoot the player in whatever direction the cannon is facing.


Maguuma Jungle


  • The four Hub cannons may be accessed by carefully dropping off the edge of the cliff behind House 4, then completing a jump puzzle inside the cave.
  • The secret cannon in Kingdom of Fungus can be accessed by bombing the wall on the platform just before the first dig spot's platform, immediately above the starting area. It shoots players towards a maze filled with toxic water and a SAB 1-Up Icon.png1-Up and two SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png50 Bauble digging spots, but these are generally not worth the trouble to reach.



  • Prior to 2019, the secret cannon also required the Glove of Wisdom to reach.
  • Likely a reference to Secret of Mana, a SNES game where the hero travels around the world by launching himself from giant cannons.
    • Just like in Secret of Mana, when a character gets launched from a cannon they will curl up into a Cannonball position when flying through the air.

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