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Rapids map.jpg
Map of Rapids

World 2 Zone 1
Super Adventure Box
Connects to
World 2 House , Pain Cliffs, Hub


Do you hear the sound of rushing RAPIDS?

— Loading screen description

Rapids is zone 1 of world 2 of Super Adventure Box. There are 11 Hidden Rooms and 38 Baubles to collect. This level mostly involves crossing rope bridges (which may collapse behind you), or by jumping on the various alligators and turtles. Near the beginning of the level, you are warned that while you can stand in still water with no penalty, flowing water is dangerous. When the player comes into contact with flowing it will be first knocked down and pushed downstream in the direction of the flow; you can walk at reduced speed against the current or dodge, but attempting to jump and landing into the flowing water will knock you down again. You can eventually flow off into the void and lose a life unless you jump out of the water, or are pushed back against land.


  • Event boss (tango icon).png Super Adventure Box
  • Team Score: X
  • Finished!
  • Warping in: 0:30


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  • Note: This guide is for Normal mode to maximize bauble collection. In Infantile Mode the majority of this zone can be completed by using the rainbow clouds, and foes are more likely to drop food than Baubles. Infantile Mode also takes you a different path if you are simply seeking the shops and hidden rooms.

Starting Area to Checkpoint 1[edit]

There is a small shop at the beginning of the zone.

Shop #1 items[edit]

Item Cost Description
SAB Mini Bomb Icon.png Mini Bomb 200 Baubles Can be thrown or placed; requires ammo.
SAB Slingshot Icon.pngSlingshot 225 Baubles Flings stones; requires ammo.
SAB Whip Icon.png Whip 150 Baubles Stuns foes.
Location of first two baubles

Start by crossing the small stream via the wooden foot bridge, and then climb the cliff face to reach a wide waterfall that is split in two. You can walk through the right half of the waterfall to find a jumping puzzle with geyser-like water spouts to find a red bauble at the top. (#1) Return to the starting area, and begin your climb at the right of the twin waterfalls by going up a pillar of rocks. Hop back toward the solitary waterfall and proceed up the rock face. Jump back across the solitary waterfall to reach a slanted bridge—be careful to keep moving or jumping on it as the planks will fall down. Behind the wide waterfall at the third ledge is an area with a yellow bauble inside it. (#2)

Waterfall jumping puzzle to first bauble

Proceed up the rock face to the left of the twin waterfalls. Go to the ledge with the turtle and hit it to cause it to flip upside, using it as a platform to get to the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2[edit]

Hit the first alligator on the right and jump across his back to the rock outcrop across the stream. Hit the 2nd alligator and hop to the round rock in the center of the stream. Now hit/hop the 3 alligators and 1 turtle to make it across to land.

Jump up to the next level of the stream. Continue along the stream, using the 2 turtles to get to the platform with a bauble (#3). Use the remaining 2 turtles and rocks to get across the stream to a round rock with a barrel on it. This is also the beginning of a series of bridges. Before crossing the bridges, face left and jump across the cliff face to a small, hidden stream. Across the steam, on the rock face above you, is a tree. This is where you need to go; jump to the far side of this smaller stream, move upstream, and jump back across. Jump up onto the yellow ledge, jump up the pile of rocks on the left. Once standing on the yellow ledges, jump across towards the aforementioned tree, aiming for the ledge between the tree and the fern. Go behind the tree and jump up the rocks on the left side of the pool of water towards a fern (there is a dig spot in the center of this pool). Now, jump along the rocks above the stream in the upstream direction (not crossing over the stream) until you come to a larger gray square insetting and throw a bomb at this wall to reveal a Fancy Furniture shop (Master of Decor: Where the river splits).

Upon exiting the furniture shop, jump down across the stream, and jump back up the rocks to the trees. Either jump down to the turtles and rocks below or jump around the trees to get back to the bridges. Run/jump quickly across each bridge to the next checkpoint while collecting three baubles on the platforms between the bridges (#4-6). Two barrels are near the bridges with food and speed boost.

Checkpoint 2 to Checkpoint 3[edit]

Jump across the stream then proceed across the six alligators and 2 turtles. There are rocks periodically to take breaks on. At the turtle on the beach, hop up and cross to the rocks above. Then backtrack to climb up a pillar and cross back over the stream towards a wooden bridge leading up. Collect the bauble at the base of the bridge. (#7) Climb the bridge to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3 to Checkpoint 4[edit]

The area has a long bridge leading to the raft where you will be ambushed by Assassins as you cross the bridge. There isn't a lot of room to maneuver and the Assassins are faster than you—dodge roll into and/or jumping works. There are four spawns 1) a single assassin with blade (red kind). 2) A pair of throwing-star assassins (white kind). 3) and 4) are pairs of blade assassins. Both the blade and throwing-stars travel faster than you in a straight line. Dodging or strafing is recommended, but on the bridge there is no room so it is best to just cross as quickly as possible to avoid being knocked off. Continue straight across the bridge to the other side; there will be four baubles on the bridge. (#8-11) Jump off the cliff at the far end of the platform while being careful to guide yourself onto the raft, as falling in the water will cost a life.

Checkpoint 4 to Checkpoint 5[edit]

When the raft's checkpoint is activated, it will begin flowing down the river as various red and white Assassins jump on board. They are easily vanquished by simply side-stepping their first attack and hitting them three times with the stick. The timing is 1.) step 2.) hit twice 3.) side-step 4.) hit again. The white Assassins only require 2 hits. Don't dodge-roll off the raft—it's a quick way to lose a life. The raft crashes into the next checkpoint.

Note that new assassin won't spawn until the previous one has been killed, so you can instead of killing them keep one assassin alive and dodge his attacks or stun him.

Checkpoint 5 to Checkpoint 6[edit]

Hop on a rock to the area on the right then take the Flower Launcher

Flower Launcher

to the left side of the stream. The flowers always give the same programmed jump—it doesn't matter which way you are facing when you step on it. Turn back towards the checkpoint and visit the shop: Hidden Room 1 (Associate of Secrets, World 2: After a wild ride)

Shop #2 items[edit]

Item Cost Description
SAB Mini Bomb Icon.png Mini Bomb 200 Baubles Can be thrown or placed; requires ammo.
SAB Slingshot Icon.pngSlingshot 225 Baubles Flings stones; requires ammo.
SAB Candle Icon.png Candle 150 Baubles Creates light and heat.
SAB Whip Icon.png Whip 125 Baubles Stuns foes.
SAB Key Icon.png Key 25 Baubles Used for opening chests.

There is a chest in the next section that requires a key which can be purchased from the shop; while keys may drop from mobs, it is not guaranteed.

Hop on the log, then the rock, whip the alligator, then take the flower to the pillar in the middle and collect a bauble. (#12) Drop down from the pillar where you land after the first flower to a second flower launcher, and use it to go through the waterfall. Kill or evade the bear and grab the yellow bauble (#13), then go forward and climb up the rocks. Burn the trees obstructing the path, and kill another bear who will drop a key to a chest. Turn backwards, jump off the small cliff and pick up a blue bauble. (#14) There will be yet another bear, but you can easily avoid him. Turn left and climb up the hill, if you jump left from there, in the direction of the previous checkpoint - you'll find green bauble (#15), a chest containing a red bauble (#16) and a bear. If you turn right - you can jump on the ledge with orange toad on it. Go forward, then burn the tree across the gap to open the jumping flower. Before using it, backtrack against the wall and get past the toad to get a blue bauble (#17). Instead of immediately going down, go back and use the two flowers to go towards the checkpoint. There's a dig spot at the end of the platform where you land after the second flower.

Checkpoint 6 to Checkpoint 7[edit]

Hop on the rocks and logs up the stream avoiding the jumping fish and rapids. When you get to the waterfall, jump into and climb up the rocks. A new checkpoint is just beyond it.

Checkpoint 7 to Checkpoint 8[edit]

Walk forward a short distance and climb the slope on the left. Turn back toward the checkpoint, and jump to and climb the cliff face. When at the top, head to the waterfall and jump to the tiny ledge on the right. This ledge passes through the waterfall and a distance out the other side, so do not be afraid of overshooting the jump. If you end up on the ledge below it, it's okay. It continues after the wall so you just need to jump out through the waterfall and back in. Jump along the cliff outcroppings to the grassy ledge ahead on the right, and bomb the cliff wall on the right at the end of this ledge for Hidden Room 2 (Associate of Secrets, World 2: Ledge above river rapids). There will be a green bauble on the other side. (#18) Turn right after the bauble, head to the end of the ledge and throw a bomb at the wall to your right to open the entrance for a furniture store(Master of Decor: Between two ferns). Return to the seventh checkpoint.

You will likely witness several raccoons rappel down and steal baubles from the Hillbilly distillery. You can follow them through the trees to find the optional mini-boss: a Raccoon Kingpin guarding a Stump.

Raccoon Kingpin

He has a ranged attack and a stomp attack with a ton of HP, so throwing bombs is the safest way of dealing with him. You do not need to defeat the Racoon Kingpin however, there are three baubles in the forest maze of green trees. (#19-21) Look for a Bear guarding a Dry Pine Tree in a corner of the maze before the Kingpin.

Dry pine

Burn the Dry Pine Tree and bomb the area to open a hole in the ground: Hidden Room 3 (Associate of Secrets, World 2: Surrounded by trees).

Plant bomb

Drop down below carefully, as there are four Bears down in the cave below. Collect the four baubles carefully and then return to the surface using the Bouncy Mushroom. (#22-25)

Return to the area with the hillbillies and clear them out in order to reach the next hidden room safely. There is a cave entrance on the cliff face above this distillery that serves as an entry point for the Raccoons, and underneath this distillery, a waterfall can be seen pouring out of the cliff face. It is possible to drop down to that waterfall where the cliff edge juts inward. Use the rock outcroppings to ascend these rapids to reach a Bouncy Mushroom and a yellow bauble (#26) behind the waterfall. Throwing a bomb behind the waterfall opens a hillbilly cave maze: Hidden Room 4 (Associate of Secrets, World 2: Beneath the hillbillies). This cave lets you skip to the far shore of the upcoming river crossing section. Be careful, as it contains many hillbillies. It also has some torches on the walls that can be lit to mark visited areas. Follow the left wall for a direct route through the maze, but don't exit yet. There is a red bauble at the end of this cave near the exit. (#27) You can't get back into the cave through the exit (if you do go out the exit you will find a bear and some burnable trees at the far shore of the river crossing section), so instead head back out through the entrance. Use the bounce mushrooms to climb up and out of that area. Hop down from the cliff and reach the river crossing section with the logs, rocks and alligators.

From the start of the river crossing section, throw a bomb at the first waterfall on the right to open up Hidden Room 5 (Associate of Secrets, World 2: Where water crashes down at the wide river) behind the waterfall containing a red bauble (#28). Ride the first logs downstream to near the edge of the level where there are a couple rocks and a geyser. Use these to reach the cliff side, then work your way to the right along the cliff side to collect a bauble. (#29) Climb back up the cliff face to the right of the waterfalls. At the top there are jump flowers and a bounce mushroom that will propel you to a blue bauble (#30) and a shop: Hidden Room 6 (Associate of Secrets, World 2: Overlooking the wide river).

Shop #3 items[edit]

Item Cost Description
SAB Whistle Icon.pngWooden Whistle 250 Baubles Plays three notes.

Interact with the log next to the fireplace to learn the Log's Secret Song (1, 2, 3). Playing this song reveals any nearby bombing surfaces (provided they aren't hidden by a rug or waterfall), such as the one on the floor in front of the fireplace: Hidden Room 7 (Associate of Secrets, World 2: Does the log have other secrets?). Bomb and drop down this hole to a dark room filled with stuffed owls which can be destroyed for baubles. The cliff face to the right (as you exit) of the shop door can be bombed to reveal Hidden Room 8 (Associate of Secrets, World 2: Left of a shop), a Toad-filled cave with two blue baubles. (#31-32) Playing the flute in the water on the left of the entrance reveals another bombing location: Hidden Room 9 (Associate of Secrets, World 2: Inside a watery cave). In this room there are more Toads, a green bauble (#33), and an NPC (who is named "Shopkeeper" but is labeled "Helpful Friend" in chat) who warns that "The owls are not what they seem."

Exit the hidden rooms and pass shop #3 on your left. The glitch is ahead of you.

Cross the stream (by crossing the logs, taking the hillbilly cave, or hopping across the waterfall outcroppings and ledges) and aim for the base of the waterfall at the far side of the wide river; there you will find a bauble. (#34) there is another distillery blocking the path ahead and a shop off to the left: Hidden Room 10 (Associate of Secrets, World 2: Across the wide river).

Shop #4 items[edit]

Item Cost Description
SAB 1-Up Icon.png 1-Up 20 Baubles Grants one extra life.
SAB Slingshot Icon.png Slingshot 225 Baubles Flings stones; requires ammo.
SAB Small Health Icon.png Small Health Refill 5 Baubles Restores one heart.
SAB Nice Scoop Icon.png Nice Scoop 325 Baubles Dig anywhere for a 15% chance.
SAB Key Icon.png Key 25 Baubles Used for opening chests.

Be cautious near the distillery: there are exploding exploding barrels that will cause damage if contacted. Use the whip to stay far enough back. Detonating the near one will also destroy the distillery. Finish the hillbillies and move on to the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 8 to Checkpoint 9[edit]

Light the dry pine on fire and dispatch the bear then proceed to the waterfall and drop the Bouncy Mushroom. Go to the far right of the waterfall and take the Portal; drop down to the ledge below containing a single bauble (#35). Jump on the first set of logs travelling down the waterfall and bomb the wall where a ledge with yellow grass meets the water for Hidden Room 11 (Associate of Secrets, World 2: Behind a gigantic waterfall) (alternatively, the bombable portion will have a different texture). Return to the top (the easiest way is to drop to the bottom to take the portal). The next bauble is in a chest inside a hidden room. There are enemies that may drop a key, or you can purchase one from Hidden Room 10 near the previous checkpoint. Jump across the logs till you get to the last log and stay on it. Ride the log all the way to near the bottom, facing the waterfall and staying on the right hand side. If you change your view so you can see behind the waterfall, you should see the room appear. It contains bears and has a locked chest at the top containing a purple bauble. (#36) The top comes out near the checkpoint, so you can use this cave to climb up instead of crossing the logs.

Checkpoint 9 to Checkpoint 10[edit]

Climb the ramp on the right and immediately turn back toward the checkpoint. Use the rock near the top of the ramp to jump to the Flower Launcher. Launch to the butte for another bauble. (#37) Use the second launcher to cross to the top of the rock wall and follow it back to the main cliff face. To the left (facing the cliff), there is another set of wall of rocks with a bauble. (#38) Return to checkpoint 9 and talk to Betty Baubles to verify if you have collected all the baubles. Use the 2 Flower Launchers to get to the boss platform.


This is another cage match style boss fight. He shoots lasers in several patterns: 1.) directed at you 2.) in a four-point pattern around the plateau 3.) is a 360-degree arc and then a detonation effect. Stay near the fat edge of the plateau and only dodge roll if you think he's going to shoot. Don't get knocked off, or it will cost a life.

Digging spots[edit]

A total of 490 baubles can be dug up in Rapids per day.

# Image Last
# of Baubles Notes
#1 Rapids dig spot 1.jpg Start SAB 20 Bauble Icon.png
Before scaling the rocks in front of the largest waterfall, jump into the waterfall at ground level to access a hidden area full of geysers (see Hidden Area 2, above). In the back is a flat stretch of land with the dig spot. There is also an unhidden red bauble at the top of the cavern, requiring you to jump up the geysers.
#2 Rapids dig spot 2.jpg 1 SAB 20 Bauble Icon.png
After the first checkpoint gate cross the rapids to the waterfall. Climb the rock next to the waterfall and jump onto a ledge behind it. Follow the ledge along back towards the checkpoint gate to find a pool area.
#3 Rapids dig spot 3.jpg 1 SAB 20 Bauble Icon.png
After clearing the rapids but before crossing the bridge take a left and scale the rock. Jump over the rapids to another pool area.
#4 Rapids dig spot 4.jpg 3 SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
Jump down to the right at the beginning of the long bridge, then move left on ledge below it.
#5 Rapids Dig spot 5B.jpg 5 SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
After the first locked chest, continue along the ledges towards the back past the Bear. There is a tricky jump (dodge jump recommended) from the narrow ledge to the open platform. Jump down and then across the gap into the shaded area and dig in the back corner near the plant.
#6 Rapids dig spot 5.jpg 5 SAB 20 Bauble Icon.png
At first locked chest, drop down to side of river and dig.
#7 Rapids dig spot 6.jpg 5 SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
After first locked chest, jump around on ledges. Burn tree, revealing spinning flower. Instead of continuing forward, loop back around on ledges, killing frogs. Dig at end of ledges.
#8 Rapids dig spot 7.jpg 5 SAB 20 Bauble Icon.png
After first locked chest, jump around on ledges. Burn tree, revealing spinning flower. Jump on spinning flower, which will hop you to another flower. Dig where you land after being thrown by 2nd spinning flower.
#9 Rapids dig spot 8.jpg 7 SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
After 7th checkpoint, run up short hill to left, jump back onto the wall and go up ledges to top. Jump across to ledge under waterfall and continue along ledges to grassy platform. Blow hole in wall with bomb. Dig near plants. This is also the location of Fancy Furniture shop #2.
#10 Rapids dig spot 9.jpg 7 SAB 20 Bauble Icon.png
Go towards raccoon kingpin. Keep right at all forks. Dig at dead end in forest.
#11 Rapids dig spot 10.jpg 7 SAB 20 Bauble Icon.png
Go over cliff near hillbillies and fall onto ledges. Jump over and across river. Jump up 2 mushrooms, and dig on highest platform.
#12 Rapids dig spot 11.jpg 7 SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
Jump across wide river on the floating logs. At the other side, dig in back corner for chest. Can also take hillbilly cave, and dig where you exit.
#13 Rapids dig spot 13.jpg 8 SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
Immediately after the 8th checkpoint (guarded by the hillbillies) and after burning down the trees to open the path, find two plants on the ground to the left. Fall down to ledge below and dig.
#14 Rapids dig spot 12.jpg 8 SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
Behind the far right "lane" of the huge waterfall, near the bottom, there is a green cavern. Dig inside.
Historical spots
Image Last
Baubles Notes
Rapids former dig spot 1.jpg Start 50 Jump to the pillar on the right of the first long wooden bridge.
Rapids former dig spot 2.jpg 2 30 After the stream with alligators, and climbing up to the wooden bridge, head backwards and jump on a ledge.
Rapids former dig spot 3.jpg 2 15 Right after the previous dig site, jump across the stream to the opposite ledge.

Glitch location[edit]

Primary article: Unintended Coursework


Infantile Mode[edit]

Normal Mode[edit]

Tribulation Mode[edit]






  • The area where you must cross a river hopping on various logs is a tribute to Frogger.
  • The "The owls are not what they seem" is reference to the television show Twin Peaks.