Bauble Backpack

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Bauble Backpack

Bauble Backpack.jpg

750 Bauble
Bauble Tote Bag

This backpack will allow you to hold up to 1000 baubles.

— Vendor description

The Bauble Backpack is a Super Adventure Box upgrade that increases the number of baubles you can carry from 750 to 1000.


  • It can be purchased in one hidden shop in Test Zone for 750 Baubles.
  • To get there:
    1. Take the path to Red Bauble #2 and make your way to the top of the waterfall..
    2. At the top of the waterfall, where the oozes appear, instead of heading along the flowing water towards the chest, take a right up a slope and head further up.
    3. Jump across the water in this new area. You will find a shop staffed by an owl.


  • Up to 1,000 baubles can enter your inventory but only 999 can be displayed by the user interface.
  • This item only increases bauble carrying capacity for one character.
  • Characters entering the Super Adventure Box with more than 250 (or 1,000 with the backpack) baubles will still have the baubles displayed and spendable. The player simply cannot collect more baubles than the current limit.
  • This item can be purchased without buying the Bauble Tote Bag or the Bauble Purse. You will need to enter the level with all 750 required baubles. Due to skipping one or more of the previous upgrades, the increased collecting capacity will not be available until you leave the level and re-enter. (Note that if you purchase a smaller upgrade later, your bauble collection limit will be reduced to that of the newly purchased upgrade until you change zone)


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