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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Super Adventure Box object. For the Heart of Maguuma object, see Bouncing Mushroom.

Bouncy Mushrooms are objects found inside Super Adventure Box. They serve as ways of reaching higher areas that otherwise cannot be reached by normal jumping.


Maguuma Jungle
  • Rata Sum
    • Super Adventure Box
      • Hub
        • In the underground cave
      • Sunny Glade
        • Inside Furniture Shop #1
      • Dark Woods
        • At the very start of the level
        • Inside the tree stump containing Locked Chest #1
        • Shortcut mushroom (see notes) near the aforementioned tree stump
        • In the canopy between Checkpoints #2 and #3
        • In the hidden spider area
        • Shortcut mushroom (see notes) next to Checkpoint #3
        • Just after Checkpoint #3
        • Near the trees after the first pool of Improper Water
        • In the chasm just before the final Checkpoint
      • Kingdom of Fungus
        • Just after Checkpoint #1
        • In the tree stump just before the giant fallen log between Checkpoints #3 and #4
        • Shortcut mushroom (see notes) near the aforementioned fallen log
        • Lining the walls of the hollow tree trunk leading to Moto's Breath
      • Rapids
        • In the bear cave behind the waterfall just before the final Checkpoint
      • Test Zone
        • In underwater section found inside the first cave at the begining


  • Shortcut Mushrooms can be created by attacking the bent mushrooms attached to trees, causing the seed attached to it to fall and sprout into a Bouncy Mushroom, allowing you to quickly return to high areas you have already reached.

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