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Locations of each flag and the secret path to the cannons.

Cloud Flags are objects found inside Super Adventure Box. They serve as checkpoints in Tribulation Mode by interacting with a Happy Cloud with a Balloon. There are also four Cloud Flags found up in the clouds area of the Hub, which are involved in one of the daily achievements.


Maguuma Jungle

Event involvement[edit]

Event star (tango icon).png Reach the finish line! (0) (Marks checkpoints you have passed)

Related achievements[edit]

  • Super Adventure Box.png Daily Super Adventure Festival: Color GuardReach each of the flags in the lobby of Super Adventure Box. (0Achievement pointsBauble (x16))
    • To begin, carefully drop off the cliff behind House 4 and into a cave, where you will have to complete a short jump-puzzle to reach a Bouncy Mushroom that will launch you through the statue and up into the clouds.
    • Jump inside each of the four cannons to be launched towards a flag.
    • It is recommended to take the SW cannon first (assuming the hub entrance is to the south); this will take you past the Bee Dog Honeycomb, which transforms the player into a Bee Dog and grants access to flight skills, allowing you to skip the tedious process of completing the underground cave puzzle for every flag.


  • Interacting with the Cloud Flags in the Hub for the first time every instance will cause them to launch fireworks into the air. Interacting with them beyond the first time will cause the character to perform one of the three How to Dance, Volume 1 dances.
  • Cloud Flags used as checkpoints in Tribulation Mode are similar to regular checkpoints and require the entire party to interact with the Happy Cloud to unlock the checkpoint.