Helping Hand

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Helping Hand

Helping Hands are indicators found in Super Adventure Box that direct which way players should go and the difficulty level of that direction. They are plentiful in Exploration Mode; less common in Normal Mode; and in Tribulation mode, the few that remain become lethal Hand Missiles that fire at players who approach them, killing them instantly if they hit.



Combat abilities (Tribulation Mode only)[edit]

  • Cannot be targeted or attacked.
  • Hand Missiles are extremely fast, but can be evaded or reflected with the Glove of Wisdom.
  • Remain inactive until you approach within visual range. Once aggroed, will launch itself in a straight line towards your position at the moment of aggro.
  • Hand Missile - Hand Missile detonates for 99999 damage (instant death).


  • Do not re-spawn after turning into Hand Missiles.


  • Is a reference to Master Hand from Super Smash Bros. in appearance as well as how it attacks in Tribulation Mode, mirroring one of Master Hand's attacks.