Raccoon (Super Adventure Box)

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Raccoons are minions of the Raccoon Kingpin. They can always be found raiding Hillbilly stills for baubles, which they immediately take back to their hideout.


Maguuma Jungle


The raccoon found in W2Z3 in the hidden room before the yeti
The RACCOON looks at you gratefully.
Talk more option tango.png
GIVE it the legendary cheese to help it recover from the chill. (if you have the Legendary Cheese)
The RACCOON gives you a CAKE in gratitude!
Talk end option tango.png
How nice!
Talk end option tango.png
Good raccoon.


  • SAB 1 Bauble Icon.png
    1 Bauble (Only if they have interacted with a still and are heading back to the tree stump)



  • They are similar to Bee Dogs in that they only spawn once per play-through, will not attack players, and do not drop anything until they start heading back to their home, at which point they will drop baubles they have taken from the Hillbillies if killed.
  • The Raccoons will spawn at a cave mouth above the Hillbillies' still and rappel down to it, where they steal the baubles out of the still.
  • The creature has a miniature version of it.