Super Adventure Box: World 2

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Super Adventure Box: World 2 is an achievement category for the World 2 of Super Adventure Box.

Super Adventure Box- World 2.png
Super Adventure Box: World 2 (Festivals)
Total achievements: 20 112Achievement points


  1. ^ Become the Master: Does not require you to kill every single assassin yourself. Coming into an instance where some assassins have already been killed and the party kills the rest will award the achievement. The achievement is awarded as you kill the last assassin not upon zone completion.
  2. ^ Special Instruction: Was only accessible in September 2013.
  3. ^ Super Adventure Secret: Was only accessible in September 2013.
  4. ^ Tiptoe: There are four groups of hillbillies in this zone. The first are avoided prior to checkpoint 7 (by simply heading to the right, towards the frogger-style log jumping rapids). Doing this avoids the second group which are hidden in a cave beneath the Raccoon Kingpin's maze. The only group of hillbillies requiring to actively be avoided are the third group, found just after the frogger-style log jumping area, and just prior to checkpoint 8 - they can be avoided by hopping up onto a ledge just to the right of Shop #4, and then hugging the left-hand wall prior to checkpoint 8. The fourth group to avoid are in the area to the right after the last checkpoint (where the vending machine is found) - avoided by heading straight for the boss and ignoring that diversion too.