Reach the finish line! (Super Adventure Box)

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Reach the finish line!

Reach the finish line! is a race that takes place within the Super Adventure Box hub.


  • Total racers finished: x
  • The race will end in: 10:00


Unlike other races, checkpoints are singular clouds that must be run into, rather than a pair of goalposts. The first half of the race involves running and jumping around the main hub area; the second half takes you up into the clouds, where you can transform into a Bee Dog by running into the Bee Dog Honeycomb, gaining flight skills that will enable you to reach distant clouds. There will also be SAB Cloud Icon.pngSpeed Boost power-ups scattered about the route to help you move faster.

Each checkpoint is marked by a Happy Cloud. The cloud will always be facing directly away from the next checkpoint, which may help you to find where to go to next.

While the bee dog transformation is intended for the second half of the race, it is possible to run the entire race in bee dog form; all checkpoints and power-ups function normally.





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The checkpoint on the mushroom used to launch into the clouds may not reliably activate if approached in bee dog form. Flying too high above the mushroom may teleport the player directly to the clouds without activation.