Glove of Wisdom

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Push (Glove of Wisdom).png

Glove of Wisdom

The Glove of Wisdom is a ninth slot Super Adventure Box upgrade.


Obtained after defeating the first Purple Assassin in Pain Cliffs.

Dialogue upon obtaining the Glove of Wisdom
Unknown: Glove of Wisdom: Gain the cleverness to push foes around.
Talk end option tango.png Wow!


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
9 Push (Glove of Wisdom).png Push 0.5½ 1 Unleash a powerful push.


Stone Barrier (only destroyable with the Glove of Power) (In New Krytan: P)


  • The appearance of this object is similar to the Nintendo Power Glove.
  • According to Josh Foreman, it was intended to be followed up by the Glove of Power and Glove of Courage, a reference to the Triforce.