Mini Bomb

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Mini Bomb (skill).png

Mini Bomb

Mini Bomb.jpg

200 Bauble

Can be thrown or placed; requires ammo.

— Vendor description

The Mini Bomb is a third slot Super Adventure Box upgrade.



# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
3 Mini Bomb (skill).png Mini Bomb 0.25¼ Equip a mini bomb.

Auxiliary skillbars[edit]

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
2 Mini Bomb (skill).png Mini Bomb 2 Press to throw a mini bomb; hold to place one. Costs baubles.
5 Stow (Super Adventure Box).png Stow Stow the item you're holding.


  • Costs 1 bauble per throw.
  • Deals 50 damage against structures and regular enemies.
  • Only the second shop in Dark Woods sells the Mini Bomb. Additionally, any of the shops after the starting area in Kingdom of Fungus will sell it.
  • Once purchased the Mini Bomb, like any other skill available in the SAB, will stay unlocked for the character indefinitely.
  • To use them switch to the auxiliary skill bar using the skill in slot #3 and then either shortly tap the #2 slot skill (#3 if you have the Mega Bomb unlocked as well) to throw a bomb or hold it down to place a bomb on the ground at your current position, provided sufficient bauble funds. Once done using the bomb select the skill in slot #5 to stow the bomb gain.