Moto's Finger

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Moto's Finger.png

Moto's Finger

0.75¾ Activation time  5 Recharge time  
Common Common
Super Adventure Box
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Summon Moto's Finger to flick a foe into a fiery missile.

 Range.png Range: 400

— In-game description

Moto's Finger is a skill for the Super Adventure Box that summons a giant pointing hand that stabs its target with the finger. After use, the slot is locked until you lose a life or complete the zone.

The scroll with Moto's Finger


It can be obtained by consuming a scroll found in Hidden Room 14(Master of Secrets: After performing, straight ahead) in Storm Top.

Dialogue upon obtaining Moto's Finger
Unknown: Moto's finger: Moto uses his finger to flick your foes into a fiery missile of destruction.
Talk end option tango.png Wow!


  • Unlike other Super Adventure Box skills, Moto's Finger will hit the enemy you target, regardless of facing.
  • Though unlisted in the skill fact, this skill does 200 damage.
  • Like Moto's Breath, it costs no baubles, just time and effort to get to where it is located.