Bauble Purse

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Bauble Purse

Bauble Purse.jpg

250 Bauble
Bauble Tote Bag

This purse will allow you to hold up to 500 baubles.

— Vendor description

The Bauble Purse is a Super Adventure Box upgrade that increases the number of baubles a character can carry from 250 to 500.


It can be purchased in Shops 2, 4, and 5 of World 1, Zone 3 for 250 Baubles.


  • This item is a requirement for completing Minor in Enhancement achievement.
  • This item only increases bauble carrying capacity for one character.
  • Characters entering the Super Adventure Box with more than 250 (or 500 with the purse) baubles will still have the baubles displayed and spendable. The player simply cannot collect more baubles than the current limit.