Bee Dog

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Bee Dog

Bee Dogs are enemies found inside World 1 of Super Adventure Box. When a player reaches an area where Bee Dogs are located for the first time, the Bee Dogs will appear and head to a closed flower which will then open and the Bee Dog will then be carrying a bauble. Players can kill the Bee Dog for the bauble or they can follow the Bee Dogs who will lead them through a mini maze to the Queen Bee Dog and a hidden honeycomb.


Maguuma Jungle


  • SAB 1 Bauble Icon.png 1 Bauble (Only if they have interacted with a flower and are heading back to the Honeycomb)


  • They do not attack players.
  • After they appear initially in the zone, they do not re-spawn.
  • This creature has a miniature version.
  • Players may transform into a Bee Dog by running into the Bee Dog Honeycomb in the hub, located up on a cloud in the SW corner (assuming the hub entrance is to the south). Players may freely fly around the hub while transformed in this manner.
  • They patrol the area outside of Super Adventure Box during Super Adventure Festival.


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