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Storm Top

Storm Top map.jpg
Map of Storm Top

World 2 Zone 3
Super Adventure Box
Connects to
World 2 House, Pain Cliffs, Robbers, Hub

Storm Top.jpg
Storm Top

Look, there is the summit of STORM TOP! The locals tell of a powerful wizard who lives there.

— Loading screen description

Storm Top is zone 3 of world 2 of Super Adventure Box. It has 17 Hidden Rooms and 63 Baubles to collect.


  • Event boss (tango icon).png Super Adventure Box
  • Team Score: X
  • Finished!
  • Warping in: 1:00


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  • This was done on Infantile Mode for easiest collecton all Baubles, Hidden Rooms, and Furniture Shops. Additionally, players must have the Glove of Wisdom, Mini Bomb, and Wooden Whistle as well as have physically learned the 332331 song from the last hidden room in Pain Cliffs in order to collect all of the baubles.

Starting Area to Checkpoint 1[edit]

There is a small shop at the start of the zone.

Shop #1 items[edit]

Item Cost Description
SAB Med Health Icon.png Medium Health Bottle 300 Baubles Restore health.
SAB Small Health Icon.png Small Health Refill 5 Baubles Restores one heart.
SAB Whistle Icon.png Wooden Whistle 250 Baubles Plays three notes.

Use the rainbow bridge to safely cross across the icy patches, but before reaching the 3rd tree, drop down off the rainbow path to the right to get blue bauble (#1). Jump back up and head up the snowy hill, but stop and turn around at the top leaping to a smaller platform and then either jump around the corner to the other snowy ledge or straight across to a yellow bauble (#2). Jump back over to the snowy hill but don't go all the way up, jumping to the smaller snowy ramp on the right next to a pine tree for a yellow bauble (#3). For an optional mini-boss, wait in the area near (but don't trigger them) where the two hillbillies are at, and several Raccoon will come and steal some baubles from them. Following the Raccoons will lead you to a maze area and the Raccoon Kingpin along with a Stump. Avoid the falling icicles in the ceiling and the Ice Spikes on the ground, they take half a heart.

Hidden Room 2

Jump down from where bauble #3 was and run forward towards the tree, then stick to the left wall, avoiding the falling icicles, and jump up a small platform to a blue bauble (#4). Jump down from that, again keeping to the left wall until you can go no further. From here use the Wooden Flute and play 332331 (Gatekeepers Song) to open the wall. Climb up the various ledges, until you reach the top, which will be when the only option you have is to go down, and walk straight off the ledge and fall down to the bottom level, but no further as you will lose a heart. From that level, head towards that appears to be light blue and a snowy platform which will reveal a room with two Polar Bears. Carefully jump over the hole, you can choice to kill or skip the first polar bear if you wish, to the second Polar Bear. Killing it will make it easier as next you need to face towards where you came, and use a bomb on the wall directly in front of you on your left side to reveal Hidden Room 1(Master of Secrets: A cave underneath the ice). Use the Glove of Wisdom to open the wall and leap off the edge to return to the starting area. Use the Happy Clouds to continue forwards again towards the snowy hill, this time going all the way up it, and make a left heading towards the first checkpoint. Right before you hit the first check point, go right and use a bomb to reveal Hidden Room 2(Master of Secrets: A roundabout secret). There is nothing in there however but falling icicles so return to the outside and go to the first checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2[edit]

From the first checkpoint, use the rainbow bridge to run up towards an area with a bear, but head to the right instead and climb up several snowy ledges to reach a blue bauble (#5). To reach it you must either dodge jump or jump and use your whip at the same time to get the bauble. Head back to the Rainbow bridge and run towards the second checkpoint, stopping just before it for a shop which is also Hidden Room 3(Master of Secrets: The candle is too weak), to purchase a Key.

Shop #2 items[edit]

Item Cost Description
SAB Nice Scoop Icon.png Nice Scoop 325 Baubles Dig anywhere for a 10% chance to find buried treasures.
SAB Small Health Icon.png Small Health Refill 5 Baubles Restores one heart.
SAB Torch Icon.png Torch 400 Baubles Create light and heat; damages foes.
SAB 1-Up Icon.png 1-Up 20 Baubles Grants one extra life.
SAB Key Icon.png Key 25 Baubles Used for opening chests.

If you are doing this on Normal Mode and do not have the torch, you will need to purchase it as well to finish the zone, though it is not required for Infantile.

Checkpoint 2 to Checkpoint 3[edit]

Head across the Rainbow Bridge to an area with a Polar Bear is guarding a chest. Kill him(if you are low in health, or don't want to risk being attacked, you can stand on the rainbow bridge and bomb him, avoiding most damage) and use the key to open it for 2 red baubles (#6 and #7). Head towards the next Rainbow Bridge Cloud, and upon reaching it, turn to face the opposite direction, jumping to the ledge there. From that ledge, head to ledge on your right, carefully dropping down from it, then jumping up the ledges in front of you for a yellow bauble (#8). Drop down from there and make a "U" shape to another yellow bauble (#9), then go back to where bauble number 8 was, but instead of making a full U, head to the left corner, jumping up several ledges and using a bomb to find Hidden Room 4(Master of Secrets: Tucked away after a checkpoint). It is a shop but be careful as there are many Red Barrels, and the walls will open and blow wind with the potential to knock players into the barrels.

Shop #3 items[edit]

Item Cost Description
SAB Nice Scoop Icon.png Nice Scoop 325 Baubles Dig anywhere for a 10% chance to find buried treasures.
SAB Key Icon.png Key 25 Baubles Used for opening chests.
Bauble Tote Bag.jpg Bauble Tote Bag 500 Baubles Increases bauble capacity to 750 baubles.
SAB Small Health Icon.png Small Health Refill 5 Baubles Restores one heart.
SAB 1-Up Icon.png 1-Up 20 Baubles Grants one extra life.

Head back to the areas with the bananas and jump off the edge to return to the checkpoint. Continue on the Rainbow Bridge until it reaches an area that has Explosive Barrels at the end and walls that blow wind, with the ground being very icy. Drop off the rainbow bridge and carefully make your way across to towards the checkpoint to get four blue baubles (#10, #11, #12, #13), but do NOT activate it. Return back to where the bauble #10 was on the snowy patch, and drop down to find a blue bauble (#14). Head straight from that bauble so that you drop to the ledge, and head left (right has the dig spot), dropping down to an area (the leftmost one as there are 2) where you will need to use the Glove of Wisdom to open a wall revealing a yellow bauble (#15) sitting on a ledge. Grab it, then jump off to return to the second checkpoint and go to the shop near it to get a key, and continue on the Happy Cloud path over the third check point. Do not activate the third checkpoint, and stay on the Rainbow Bridge.

Checkpoint 3 to Checkpoint 4[edit]

Use the portal (the black object with purple pixels coming out of it) and if you come out facing the Rainbow Road cloud, turn the opposite direction to find a blue bauble (#16). Follow the rainbow bridge as it leads you into an open wall where you will see a blue bauble (#17). Do not use the portal, instead, climb the ledges, going around the room, until you reach a green bauble (#18) on a platform. The climb upwards is not yet over however, and continue jumping ledges upwards, being careful of the icy ledges to reach a yellow bauble (#19). You can either climb your way out (there really isn't much left to the room) or fall all the way down and use the portal to reach the fourth checkpoint.

Checkpoint 4 to Checkpoint 5[edit]

Drop your key off at the fourth checkpoint, as you don't need it yet and it's safe here. Run up the Rainbow Bridge and go past the portal in to the open wall space. Jump down to the first ledge then head to the wall on your right, and drop down from it to a platform with a partially hidden blue bauble (#20). Drop down to the bottom level and use the Glove of Wisdom to open the wall.

  • If doing Baby's Second Adventure, the areas here will go from 4 to 7 due to Areas 5 and 6 of Infantile Mode activating while hitting the second and third Happy Cloud from taking the initial Happy Cloud found just after entering the icy area after using the Glove of Wisdom to open the wall and heading upwards.

Run to the Happy Cloud, running up to where the second Happy Cloud is but do not go up it, instead leap to the snowy platform with a portal on it directly across from the second Rainbow Path Cloud. Go past the first portal and jump up the snowy ledges to a second portal and enter that one. Angle your camera bit to the right to see a blue bauble (#21) and to a corner jump to reach it, and then again to return to the snowy platform. From there head straight, being careful of the wall that is blowing winds and make a right to find a box with the Glove of Wisdom icon on it and continue to hit it until it locks into place, it's top section will become a portal. Jump into this new portal, again being careful of the blowing winds, to an icy ledge with another Block with a Glove of Wisdom icon on it. Be very careful not to slip over the edge, and as before, hit it until it locks into place and use it to jump into the open section of the wall to find a blue bauble (#22). Drop down to portal, but do not use it before opening the wall with the Glove of Wisdom.

Upon exiting the portal you will have two different ledges to climb, the ones you want will have any icy platform with spikes and Bananas. Head to the snowy ledges in the middle between the spikes to find a yellow bauble (#23), and from there head straight towards the grey pillar, and drop down, then head straight towards an icy section, but make a left just before it, and run across to a wall, jumping on smaller ledges and jump into the open section of the wall. Drop down and use the Glove of Wisdom to open the wall, revealing the check point where you left your key. Use it to open the chest receiving a purple bauble (#24).

From there run straight across to the wall you opened earlier and use the portal there, and go back to the icy section with the spikes and the Bananas. Drop down like you did before, but this time turn to the left wall directly where you dropped down and use a bomb to reveal Hidden Room 5(Master of Secrets: Before a portal). Jump to the ledge across from you, and jump counter clockwise around the room until you are on a ledge between two icy sections and use a bomb to reveal an entrance above. Jump up to the icy ledge, and then jump carefully into the hole for Hidden Room 6(Master of Secrets: Don't look down), then turn around as jump all the way down into a shop, and purchase a key there. Exiting will reveal you are right before the second checkpoint, so run on the Rainbow Bridge back to the fourth checkpoint you were at and drop the key off there for safe keeping. Again use the portal directly across from the checkpoint, but this time when you exit do not head to the area with the spikes and Bananas, climb the other ledges all the way up to an icy platform with a Rainbow Path Cloud. Use it to reach another icy platform with two portals, but do not use either one, instead, head around to the right corner and look down to spot a Polar Bear guarding a blue bauble (#25), so jump down and take the bauble. It is not advised to fight the Polar Bear due to the spikes on the platform so as soon as you land and get the bauble, turn the other way and run off the ledge. Continue straight down off ledges, using your camera to make sure you land on an icy ledge just above the level with the rainbow bridge, and play the Gatekeeper's Song to open the wall and reveal three yellow baubles (#26, 27, 28) in Hidden Room 7(Master of Secrets: Perform a melody on a slippery corner). From there head back out and go left and then straight, towards a platform that is not icy and play the Gatekeeper's Song again to reveal Hidden Room 8(Master of Secrets: Perform a melody on a ledge above exploding barrels) with a purple bauble (#29). Exit the room and jump back down on the rainbow bridge to the shop for key and head back to the fourth checkpoint, leaving the key there so that you have two keys left at the checkpoint. Head across from the checkpoint to the portal and head back to the cloud path when you exit, but go straight past the cloud, and jump on the two snowy ledges, then down to the icy section below. Jump up into the wall with the open section, and from the there jump down until you reach a wall that has the Glove of Wisdom icon on it, and open it. Head to the right, and carefully traverse the narrow ledges until you find a purple bauble (#30). From there you can jump off to the Rainbow Path below or jump all the way off to return quickly to the fourth checkpoint.

Pick up one of the keys at the checkpoint, and once again run across to the portal directly across from the checkpoint and climb up towards the Rainbow Bridge, going straight past it, but this down dropping directly off the ledge to a yellow bauble (#31) below. Turn around from that bauble and head straight to jump down towards the solid section below near a Polar Bear, then jump all the way down to another yellow bauble (#32).

From there turn around to nearby portal and use it to reach an area with a Rainbow Path cloud and an icy bridge and drop the key off there, then jump off the ledge to return to the fourth checkpoint, picking up the other key you left there. Use the portal across from the fourth check point one more time to climb the ledges to the Happy Cloud and use it to head to the icy platform with the two portals, and use the one that is the farthest away(or the the one that does NOT have a happy face on the hand pointing to it) to return to the area with the icy bridge and drop off your key. Kill the Polar Bear on the bridge and head towards a series of ledges with brown lights, stepping on the only once to turn them white, and after all squares are white the wall will open up revealing the fifth check point.

Checkpoint 5 to Checkpoint 6[edit]

From the fifth checkpoint, head straight up the stair-like ledges and use a bomb on the wall straight across from you to reveal Hidden Room 9(Master of Secrets: Before bombing an icicle) with six blue baubles (#33-#38), but be quick as icicles will fall from the ceiling here and there is a Banana dancing around outside. Exit the room and head right, being careful of the falling icicles, and jump up the ledge on the right wall, then running along the ledge on the wall to a blue bauble (#39). Use the slingshot to target the cracks in the large icicle in the middle part to cause a chunk to fall to the ground below. Continue running on the Rainbow Path until you hit the sixth checkpoint.

Checkpoint 6 to Checkpoint 7[edit]

From the checkpoint use the Rainbow Bridge to cross until you get about half way, then look to your left to see a blue bauble (#40) next to a Red Barrel. From there turn back to the Rainbow Bridge, but do not get back on it, instead play the Gatekeeper's Song to open a section of the wall revealing Hidden Room 10(Master of Secrets: The beginning of a frozen maze). Run up the ledges, then head nearly all the way to the back wall, stopping before the second to last entrance and go left, right, right, forward, forward to find a large room filled with Bananas. You MUST kill every single Banana to reveal Hidden Room 11(Master of Secrets: This is bananas) which will teach you a new song. Head back to the Rainbow Bridge and continue on until you reach an area where a Banana is dancing around by a blue bauble (#41), kill the Banana, pick up the Bauble and head up the icy hill to another series of brown squares you must turn white. However you have Goats jumping down from above turning things on and off, and if they hit you, you will lose health so be careful as you do this, but when successful the wall will open revealing the seventh checkpoint. Before going to it however, head to the second row of lights from the bottom and use a bomb on the right-hand wall, revealing a Fancy Furniture shop (Master of Decor: #?@!).

Activate only the starred pads, and the goats will take care of the rest.

Checkpoint 7 to Checkpoint 8[edit]

Directly after the checkpoint is a blue bauble (#42) and from here go back and pick up one of the keys you left at the fifth checkpoint, and return to the seventh checkpoint, turning left to use the key on the chest there that has a purple bauble (#43). Go back and get your other key. Continue on the rainbow bridge until you get to a section that is an icy hill filled with spikes and a few Polar Bears. Proceed off the end of the rainbow bridge and drop down onto the hill. Leave the key here. Collect five blue baubles (#44-#48) that are resting on ledges and head up to the top to the eighth checkpoint.

Checkpoint 8 to Checkpoint 9[edit]

Activate three Rainbow Bridges, then go back, drop down onto the icy bridge below. Quickly cross it, as it will collapse under you and jump to a cloud, but jump quickly up to the smaller clouds as the larger cloud will dissolve. Jump all the way up to a snowy platform with a blue bauble (#49). Jump across to the other snowy platform and scale it, jumping from it to the dissolving cloud on the right to get a blue bauble(#50), and then back again and jump to the left to get another blue baubles (#51) but keep jumping forward to another snowy platform. From here you will to jump to the clouds on your left to the ninth checkpoint, and then head back 2 platforms, to the later section of the platform with the tunnel. You will want to go into your settings and turn your gamma down to 0.5 in the graphics options and get the wooden flute out as the next series of jumps is both tricky as the clouds dissolve fairly fast and it's very hard to see them to begin with on normal settings. From there you must jump as carefully and as quickly as you can, jumping from dissolving cloud to cloud, taking a right on the first split of the clouds, a left on the second split, and a left on the third split. This should land you to a section with a trio of 3 clouds before a closed wall where you will need to play the note 3 while leaping from the last cloud before the trio. On the first cloud of the trio, play 3 again before jumping to the second cloud. On the second cloud, play 23, and on the third cloud play 31. This should open the wall, revealing Hidden Room 12(Master of Secrets: Perform a melody without falling) with a purple bauble (#52), but be careful as there are icicles on the ceiling before. Use a bomb on each wall and go into the left room first revealing a shop. Hidden Room 13(Master of Secrets: After performing, left)

Shop #4 items[edit]

Item Cost Description
SAB Key Icon.png Key 25 Baubles Used for opening chests.
Bauble Tote Bag.jpg Bauble Tote Bag 500 Baubles This tote bag will allow you to hold up to 750 baubles.
SAB Small Health Icon.png Small Health Refill 5 Baubles Restores one heart.
SAB 1-Up Icon.png 1-Up 20 Baubles Grants one extra life.

Exit it to go to the back hole and into Hidden Room 14(Master of Secrets: After performing, straight ahead) which is a room full of Red Barrels and Moto's Finger in the right corner. Finally exit it and go into Hidden Room 15(Master of Secrets: After performing, right), which unfortunately you must die to get out of.

Item Cost Description
SAB Motos Finger Icon.png Moto's Finger free Moto uses his finger to flick your foes into a fiery missile of destruction.

Checkpoint 9 to Checkpoint 10[edit]

From the ninth checkpoint, head to the left and jump up the platform past the two bears for a blue bauble (#53), then run past the bears to more clouds. Jump all the way across (some will dissolve) to a snowy area with spikes. Keep to the wall on the right until you reach a small area with no spikes and play the Gatekeeper's Song to open the wall revealing Hidden Room 16(Master of Secrets: Perform a melody in a room full of ice spikes) and two portals. Take the portal on the right to another room and use the Glove of Wisdom on the wall to open it up creating a shortcut to the ninth checkpoint. Head back to the area with the spikes and go to the right, using the Glove of Wisdom to move the block until it locks into place. Then jump to the two blocks in the middle and hit them until they lock into place as well. Use the blocks to climb the ledges and use the Ice Shatter Song (133133) to reach four blue baubles(#54-#57) in the area, two being on the the non icy ledges, and one is near a Banana and the fourth is on a tall twisty pillar near the bridge to checkpoint ten.

Go back to checkpoint eight using the rainbow bridges and get your key. (If you did not bring the key this far earlier, then since you can't get back up to the rainbow bridge from the long downward-sloping room, use the ledges on the right wall as you descend to jump out.) Bring the key back to the last Happy Cloud before the tenth checkpoint. Drop down slightly to the right to use the key to get a purple bauble (#58). Jump to the ledges away from the Happy Cloud and carefully scale the wall around to the left going from ledge to ledge reaching a snowy platform with a Banana. Kill the Banana and climb up the ledge, using a dodge jump to reach the platform, then jump to the ledges nearby and climb to the top of the snowy platform. Cross from it to a ledge that will let you get to the other side where more dancing Bananas are. Make your way to where the second Banana is, kill it then turn around to find a small area with a yellow bauble(#59). Jump back down to the rainbow bridge and head to the next area.

Activate the checkpoint, but before heading up to the Yeti, head to each corner of the large, lower ice platform for the final four baubles (#60-63). Go back to the checkpoint you came from and face the pyramid. Head left to the corner of the lower ice platform where there is a snowy square against a gray wall, and play the Gatekeeper's Song to open Hidden Room 17(Master of Secrets: Perform a melody near the yeti mountain) which contains several Barrels filled with Food. Go back to the checkpoint again and face the pyramid, but this time drop down just to the right of the checkpoint onto a narrow snow ledge. Work your way around the pillar to the right and toss a bomb at the back wall to find a Fancy Furniture Shop(Master of Decor: Under the pyramid of pain). There are falling icicles inside which will immediately drop on you, so be prepared to move as soon as you load in. After leaving the shop, jump off to reset back to the checkpoint.

You will have to scale an icy hill to reach the Stage Boss - the Yeti. It has three attacks:

  • Rolls eight snowballs down the hill. Easily avoidable.
  • Throws snowballs. Same as before.
  • Claws you. Only used when you get into nearby range of him.

Stand near the top of the hill on the snow ledges and wait for him to stop rolling snowballs, and once he stops, run up the hill and attack him. The hill is icy along with the sides of the hill except for certain parts that are made of snow, use these to climb your way up the hill to the Yeti. Upon defeating the Yeti, it will drop a red bauble and a portal will appear at dead center of the top of the hill. Enter the portal to find the final checkpoint.


Activate the checkpoint to find one more portal, as well as Betty Bauble, behind it that leads to the final boss for World 2: the Storm Wizard. There are two phases to this boss which are as follows: Phase 1: You will need to use the Glove of Wisdom to block the Storm Wizard's energy hand projectiles and reflect the attack back at him. This will remove his shield and cause him to go a little crazy, allowing players to attack him for a short time before he regains his calm and shield. Continue this pattern until he is out of health.

Phase 2: Players will need to jump around the different platforms avoiding the energy sparks and the dragon's lightning attack. The energy sparks will chase players around and will sometimes disappear after a bit, while others will keep on chasing you, though they can be killed in one hit. When the Storm Wizard Dragon roars, he initiates his lightning attack, so stay off of the center platform. After his attack, he flies downward and then comes back up hitting one of the outer platforms, so it is best to keep moving around to avoid being knocked off the platform and loosing health or a life. Once he does this, the lightning will disappear from the center and you can run there and wait for the dragon to come rest in the center platform, where he can be attacked. Repeat at least one to two more times to defeat the Storm Wizard.


  • To avoid being on the platform that the Storm Wizard destroys, either jump on a Rainbow Bridge (Infantile Mode only) or jump around between the outer platforms, as he tends to target whatever platform players were on first when he dives down.

Digging spots[edit]

A total of 640 baubles can be dug up in Storm Top per day.

# Image Last
# of Baubles Notes
#1 Storm Top dig spot 1.jpg Start SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
Past the hillbillies, in the ice maze to Raccoon Kingpin, just after your first jump over ice spikes, jump along the right cliff side to a platform.
#2 Storm Top dig spot 2.jpg Start SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
Go towards the Raccoon Kingpin, but instead of going through maze, stay left. Play the whistle at the mouth (332331) to open it. Jump up the ledges, and fall down the other side to the lower platform (this is the way to Hidden Room 1). Instead of heading towards the ice platforms and the polar bears, take the left path and dig in the back corner.
#3 Storm Top dig spot 3.jpg 2 SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
At the area with the blowing mouths, jump down from the snow platform to an ice landing below. From there, head to the back of the cave where you will find 2 areas to fall to. Drop down to the area on the right for the dig spot.
#4 Storm Top dig spot 7.jpg 3 SAB 20 Bauble Icon.png
After going through the first teleporter, but before going through second teleporter to skip the long climb up to 4th checkpoint, go around to the right side and dig in the corner.
#5 Storm Top dig spot 5.jpg 4 SAB 10 Bauble Icon.png
Just after the fourth check point, drop down the cavern and open the wall with Glove of Wisdom. Go left and jump on the ledges around the corner and dig at the end of the platform.
#6 Storm Top dig spot 6.jpg 4 SAB 20 Bauble Icon.png
After pushing open the wall with the Glove of Wisdom, drop down to the next ledge and set up the block portal in front of the blowing mouth. Go through it. Fall down to the snow beneath the second teleporter and dig.
#7 Storm Top dig spot 12.jpg 4 SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
After going through the second teleporter (after 4th checkpoint), go around the cliff to the left of the frozen waterfall to find a shop with a hillbilly selling Special Jugs. Dig in the middle of his shop.
#8 Storm Top dig spot 8.jpg 4 SAB 10 Bauble Icon.png
After fourth checkpoint, after going through all three teleporters, fall down from the exit of third teleporter to gray platform, then jump across to ice. Find opening in wall and jump down. Dig at bottom.
#9 Storm Top dig spot 4.jpg 4 SAB 20 Bauble Icon.png
Directly in front of Hidden Room 5
#10 Storm Top dig spot 9.jpg 4 SAB 20 Bauble Icon.png
Inside Hidden Room 6. Jump through bombed hole, go forward onto ice platform, and fall off far side onto ice platform of lower level. Dig in corner of ice platform.
#11 Storm Top dig spot 13.jpg 4 SAB 20 Bauble Icon.png
After entering Hidden Room 6 through the bombed hole in the wall, you will be standing on the top-most ice platform. Immediately turn to the right and fall down onto the next ice platform. In the back right of this platform is a hole. Fall through this hole onto a ledge, and then step down onto the square ledge below, and dig.
#12 Storm Top dig spot X.jpg 4 SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
Go as if you are going to Hidden Room 7, but instead of going into the room, look to your right to see a snowy platform. Drop down to it for the dig spot.
#13 Storm Top dig spot Xa.jpg 4 SAB 20 Bauble Icon.png
Found just before the fifth checkpoint, hop down the mountain to find the dig spot.
#14 Storm Top dig spot Xb.jpg 6 SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
Found after the sixth checkpoint in the long corridor with ice spikes on the ground. Near the beginning of the path is a safe square without any spikes in it. The chest can be found by digging in that square.
#15 Storm Top dig spot 14.jpg 6 SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
After the sixth checkpoint, found near the end of the long corridor with ice spikes on the ground, close to the frozen waterfall.
#16 Storm Top dig spot 10.jpg 9 SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
From 9th checkpoint, jump on clouds to arrive at icicle jump puzzle. Proceed straight from clouds and jump onto first set of platforms on spiked ground. Dig in center.
#17 Storm Top dig spot 11.jpg 9 SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
Before the ice bridge on approach to the 10th checkpoint, jump up the ledges to the right to get to the very top. From there jump to ledges on the right, and continue around the platforms above the icicle puzzle. Jump around to the very far, back corner. Dig on gray/black block.
#18 Storm Top dig spot 18.jpg 10 SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png
After 10th checkpoint before teleporting to Storm Wizard. There are 2 possible ways of reaching this digging spot (A being easier). Then dig below on the snowy patch.
A: Get pushed up by the checkpoint and land on the left column, jump to the platform left of the teleporter then drop down on the icy patch.
B: Jump around on the back side to the icy patch.


Normal Mode[edit]

Tribulation Mode[edit]






Sometimes Area 9 will fail to trigger in the Baby's Second Adventure achievement.
  • Doing Storm Top in Tribulation Mode will make the entire zone far darker than normal. Turning up the Full-Screen Gamma in Options to 1.50 will make the lighting appear as it would normally.
    • Additionally, if you are going after the area with Moto's Finger in Tribulation Mode, turning the Gamma up to max will make for best visibility.
  • There is a slightly hidden area where a Hillbilly can be found selling Special Jug, but it does not count as a hidden shop.


  • Parts of the landscape are made to resemble faces, a reference to the giant stone heads or Moai found on Easter Island.