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Imperial Center for Applied Pestilence

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Imperial Center for Applied Pestilence

Point of Interest
Gandara, the Moon Fortress
(Domain of Kourna)
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The Imperial Center for Applied Pestilence is a point of interest in Gandara, the Moon Fortress. The main labs conducting research on the Scarab Plague are found here.


  • Once the Champion Awakened Lead Researcher is killed, an Access Card is received which can be consumed to allow access to a blocked off room filled with Kournan Chests. To access the treasure room, you have to enter another room on the other side of the stairs and use the portal there. From the stairs (facing away from them) go to the left. Enter the first room on the right (with the glowing red "windows"). Step onto the hexagon at the far end of the room.
  • It is only available once the Scarab Plague meta-event is complete.