Adventure Guide: Volume Four

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Adventure Guide: Volume Four is an achievement category designed to guide a player's journey while leveling up their character.

Adventure Guide- Volume One.png
Adventure Guide: Volume Four (Character Adventure Guide)
Total achievements: 23 0Achievement points


  1. ^ Defeating the Flame Legion: The Flame Legion in Diessa Plateau also count towards this achievement.
  2. ^ Transmuting Skins: You need cost transmutation charge for counting.
  3. ^ Using Food Consumables: Ate Feast of Delectable Birthday Cake is not counting.
  • Characters that existed prior to the Character Adventure Guide will receive retroactive credit if they have already completed the objectives of the following achievements: Completing Renown Hearts IV, Completing Story Chapters III, Discovering Points of Interest IV, Discovering Waypoints III, Earning Crafting Levels III, Leveling Up IV, Viewing Vistas IV.