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Research Vault Alpha

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Research Vault Alpha

Point of Interest
Dabiji Hollows
(Domain of Kourna)
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Research Vault Alpha.jpg
Research Vault Alpha

Interactive map

Research Vault Alpha is an underground awakened Inquest facility located in the Dabiji Hollows. There, they are experimenting on the Scarab Plague.

Getting there[edit]

The entrance is hidden behind a holographic stone wall, which can be disabled by pressing the grey stone panel on the cliffside near the entrance.


  • Entering the lab by pressing the stone button will trigger the corresponding event Event boss (tango icon).png Clear out the Awakened Inquest lab (80).
  • It is possible to activate the point of interest from outside the lab on top of the mountain by passing just south of the it on the map.

Related achievements[edit]

  • Long Live the Lich.png Long Live the Lich: Thing That Wouldn't LeaveOverstay your welcome in the Awakened Inquest plague research lab. (1Achievement points)
    • Stay inside the lab after completing the event; after a minute or so you will be teleported to a random location and receive the achievement.