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Invariant Enclave

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Invariant Enclave

1Complete heart (map icon).png 2Point of interest.png 

Invariant Enclave map.jpg
Map of Invariant Enclave

Invariant Enclave locator.svg
Location within Sandswept Isles

Sandswept Isles
(Crystal Desert)
Connects to
Tyrulu Sea (N)
Sargol Sea (W)

Invariant Enclave.jpg
Invariant Enclave

Invariant Enclave is an Inquest research facility located southeast in Sandswept Isles.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Disrupt the Magnetics Lab (80)
Points of Interest
Point of interest.png Magnetics Lab
Point of interest.png Portalforge Lab
Mastery Insights
Crystal Desert mastery point Sandswept Isles Insight: Invariant Enclave



Asura (Inquest)


Renown Heart (map icon).png Researcher Thale


Ambient creatures
Asura (Inquest)


Ambient dialogue[edit]

PA Announcer: Attention, krewe. Eighty-seven days have elapsed with no reported lab accidents or security issues.
PA Announcer: The administration congratulates you on putting safety first.
PA Announcer: As always, direct any safety issues or emergencies to...(static).
PA Announcer: Keep up the good work! And remember: we care!
Inquest Engineer: We lost another researcher. Floated out to sea.
Inquest Technician: He was badmouthing my work. Then his magneton hammer had a little malfunction. Tragic.
Inquest Technician: Any word from our assistant?
Inquest Engineer: Still missing. We sent a search party, but spending too many resources seems like a waste.
Inquest Technician: Time for a new hire, I suppose.
Inquest Golemcaster: Have you seen the Magneton Manipulator? I swear I put it right here.
Inquest Engineer: How do you lose a giant power suit?!
Inquest Engineer: Perhaps we should be concerned about the communications blackout.
Inquest Technician: I love it. Now those dunderheads in Rata Primus can't pester me with idiot questions.
Inquest Engineer: I read that paper you published last week.
Inquest Assistant: "A Treetiss on the Eccentricities of the Hive Mind"? As, yes, one of my finger works—
Inquest Engineer: You misspelled "treatise."
Inquest Technician: Haven't seen the new lab director. Doesn't he start today?
Inquest Engineer: He won't be joining us. Questioned the current research directives.
Inquest Technician: Expunged?
Inquest Engineer: Expunged.
Inquest Engineer: Those Olmakhans destroyed my experimental instruments!
Inquest Technician: If we would just wipe out those savages, it would cut equipment repair requisitions per forty percent.
Cowering Inquest Scientist: Please don't kill me!
Cowering Inquest Scientist: No, please!


  • Radiation Poison is active while inside the deep basement, dealing 1000 damage per second while affected by it.

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes