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Slayer is an achievement category for achievements earned by killing a certain number of creatures belonging to different species or group. A total of 44 slayer achievements can be attained.


Slayer (General)
Total achievements: 44 704Achievement points


  • The "Slayer" title is unrelated to this category; it is awarded for completing the Slayer achievement in the PvP Conqueror category.
  • Some creatures appear not to belong to any group. A lot of non-charmable animals like Stags or Moas don't count for any achievement.
  • Some creatures belong in strange or non-intuitive groups. For example:
  • Most of the achievements contain "Slayer" in their name, but the ones that require killing enemies of the 5 playable races have "Bane" in their names. Ghost Buster is another exception to the "Slayer" rule.
  • Most titles or descriptions contain references:
    • Drake Slayer's description is a reference to the Nightfall quest Drakes on the Plain which in turn is a reference to the movie Snakes on a Plane.
    • Ghost Buster is a reference to the movie Ghostbusters.
    • Skelk Slayer's description is a reference to "The Most Dangerous Game".
    • Krait Slayer's description is a reference to the movie Jaws.
    • Minotaur Slayer's description is a reference to the quote by Duke Nukem from the game Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project "Half man, half animal, all dead".
    • Griffon Slayer's description is likely a reference to the 55hp Monk build during Prophecies, when Griffons were killed in great quantities by players.
    • Sons of Svanir's Bane's description is a reference to a quote attributed to US Army general Philip Sheridan, and the thousands of variations that have appeared in the hundred and forty odd years since.

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