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Gharr Leadclaw

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Gharr Leadclaw


Interactive map (Surface)

Gharr Leadclaw is an exchange vendor found in The Wizard's Tower. He is only visible after unlocking the Wayfinder Mastery. His inventory is also available via the Portable Wizard's Tower Exchange.


Horn of Maguuma

Items offered[edit]

Daily Exchanges[edit]

Primary article: Gharr Leadclaw/Daily Exchanges
Tabs covered:
  • Daily Static Charge Exchanges
  • Daily Pinch of Stardust Exchanges
  • Daily Calcified Gasph Exchanges
  • Daily Crafting Material Exchanges

Weekly, Map Currency, Essence & Bulk Exchanges[edit]

Primary article: Gharr Leadclaw/Weekly, Map Currency, Essence & Bulk Exchanges
Tabs covered:
  • Weekly Sales
  • Map Currency Exchanges
  • Essence Exchanges
  • Horn of Maguuma: Bulk Exchanges
  • Cantha: Bulk Exchanges
  • Crystal Desert: Bulk Exchanges
  • Heart of Maguuma: Bulk Exchanges


Gharr Leadclaw: Stay out of my cabbages!

Related achievements[edit]