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This is a list of mesmer traits.


Domination is a trait line for the mesmer that focuses on interrupting enemies and rendering them vulnerable.

Per point:

Power.png Power +50
Condition Duration.png Condition Duration +5%
Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Adept Trait mesmer.png Illusion of Vulnerability Inflict vulnerability when you interrupt a foe.
Master Trait mesmer.png Dazzling Dazing a foe also applies vulnerability.
Grandmaster Trait mesmer.png Wastrel's Punishment Increased damage to foes who are not using a skill.
Adept Trait I.png Mental Torment Mind Wrack deals more damage.
Adept Trait II.png Halting Strike Deal damage when interrupting a foe.
Adept Trait III.png Empowered Illusions Illusions deal more damage.
Adept Trait IV.png Rending Shatter Shattering illusions inflicts vulnerability on nearby foes.
Adept Trait V.png Crippling Dissipation Clones cripple nearby foes when they are killed.
Adept Trait VI.png Signet Mastery Reduces recharge on signets.
Master Trait VII.png Shattered Concentration Shatter skills also remove a boon on hit.
Master Trait VIII.png Confusing Enchantments Glamour skills cause confusion to foes who enter or exit their areas.
Master Trait IX.png Cleansing Conflagration Torch skills remove conditions. Reduces recharge on torch skills.
Master Trait X.png Greatsword Training Increased power while wielding a greatsword. Reduces recharge on greatsword skills.
Grandmaster Trait XI.png Empowering Mantras Gain increased damage for each readied mantra.
Grandmaster Trait XII.png Confounding Suggestions Chance to inflict stun whenever you daze a target. Increase daze duration
Grandmaster Trait XIII.png Power Block Enemy skills that you interrupt have an increased cooldown.


Dueling is a mesmer trait line that focuses on avoiding damage by enhancing dodging and blocking skills and favors use of mantras.

Per point:

Precision.png Precision +50
Ferocity.png Ferocity +50
Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Adept Trait mesmer.png Critical Infusion 10 Gain vigor when delivering a critical hit.
Master Trait mesmer.png Sharper Images Illusions inflict bleeding on critical hits.
Grandmaster Trait mesmer.png Confusing Combatants Your illusions cause confusion to foes around them when they are killed.
Adept Trait I.png Far-Reaching Manipulations The range of your manipulation skills is increased.
Adept Trait II.png Phantasmal Fury Your phantasms have fury.
Adept Trait III.png Retaliatory Shield Gain retaliation when you block an attack.
Adept Trait IV.png Blade Training Increased precision while wielding a one-handed sword or a spear. Reduces the recharge on sword and spear skills.
Adept Trait V.png Desperate Decoy Cloak and leave a clone of yourself behind at 25% health.
Adept Trait VI.png Mantra Mastery Reduced recharge on mantras.
Master Trait VII.png Protected Mantras Gain toughness while channeling mantras.
Master Trait VIII.png Blurred Inscriptions Activating a signet grants you distortion.
Master Trait IX.png Duelist's Discipline Increases pistol attack range for you and your illusions. Reduces recharge on pistol skills.
Master Trait X.png Deceptive Evasion Create a clone at your current position when you dodge.
Grandmaster Trait XI.png Harmonious Mantras Mantras can be activated three times before needing to be channeled again.
Grandmaster Trait XII.png Furious Interruption 15 Gain quickness when you interrupt a foe.
Grandmaster Trait XIII.png Triumphant Distortion 10 Gain distortion upon killing an enemy. Your phantasms gain distortion briefly on creation.


Chaos is a trait line for the mesmer that focuses on improving defense and the application of random boons and conditions.

Per point:

Toughness.png Toughness +50
Boon Duration.png Boon Duration +5%
Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Adept Trait mesmer.png Metaphysical Rejuvenation 30 Gain regeneration when your health drops below the threshold.
Master Trait mesmer.png Illusionary Membrane 15 Gain protection when you gain regeneration.
Grandmaster Trait mesmer.png Chaotic Transference Gain condition damage based on your toughness.
Adept Trait I.png Chaotic Revival 10 Gain Chaos Armor when you rally.
Adept Trait II.png Descent into Madness Create a chaos storm when you take falling damage. Take less damage from falling.
Adept Trait III.png Master of Manipulation Reduces recharge on manipulation skills.
Adept Trait IV.png Illusionary Defense Take reduced damage for each illusion you have in the world.
Adept Trait V.png Debilitating Dissipation Clones apply a random condition to nearby foes when they are killed.
Adept Trait VI.png Retaliatory Demise Gain retaliation when you are downed.
Master Trait VII.png Mirror of Anguish 60 When disabled (stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, fear, or launch), you mirror the disabling effect back to its source.
Master Trait VIII.png Bountiful Interruption Gain might when you interrupt a foe, then gain another boon randomly.
Master Trait IX.png Cleansing Inscriptions Activating a signet removes a condition.
Master Trait X.png Chaotic Dampening Increased toughness while wielding a staff or trident. Reduces recharge on staff and trident skills.
Grandmaster Trait XI.png Chaotic Interruption Immobilize your target when you interrupt them and randomly apply blind, cripple, or chill.
Grandmaster Trait XII.png Prismatic Understanding Cloaking skills last longer, and you gain a random boon when you are cloaked.
Grandmaster Trait XIII.png Bountiful Disillusionment Gain boons each time a shatter skill is used.


Inspiration is a trait line for the mesmer that focuses on improving phantasms and healing.

Per point:

Vitality.png Vitality +50
Healing Power.png Healing Power +50
Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Adept Trait mesmer.png Vengeful Images Grants retaliation to Phantasms.
Master Trait mesmer.png Phantasmal Healing Phantasms grant regeneration to nearby allies.
Grandmaster Trait mesmer.png Phantasmal Strength Phantasms deal more damage.
Adept Trait I.png Medic's Feedback Create a feedback bubble while reviving an ally.
Adept Trait II.png Glamour Mastery Reduces recharge on glamour skills.
Adept Trait III.png Vigorous Revelation Shattering illusions grants vigor to nearby allies.
Adept Trait IV.png Mender's Purity Remove a condition when you heal.
Adept Trait V.png Persisting Images Phantasms have increased health.
Adept Trait VI.png Compounding Celerity Move faster for each active illusion.
Master Trait VII.png Malicious Sorcery Increased condition damage while wielding a scepter. Reduces recharge on scepter skills.
Master Trait VIII.png Warden's Feedback Focus skills reflect projectiles. Reduces recharge on focus skills.
Master Trait IX.png Temporal Enchanter Glamour skills last longer.
Master Trait X.png Restorative Mantras Heal allies when you cast a mantra.
Grandmaster Trait XI.png Shattered Conditions Using a shatter skill removes a condition from you and allies around you.
Grandmaster Trait XII.png Restorative Illusions Heal a small amount when you shatter illusions.
Grandmaster Trait XIII.png Disruptor's Sustainment Gain bonus healing power when interrupting a foe.


Illusions is a trait line for the mesmer that focuses on improving conditions and shatter skills.

Per point:

Condition Damage.png Condition Damage +50
Mesmer tango icon 20px.png Shatter Skill Recharge Rate +5%
Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Adept Trait mesmer.png Illusionary Retribution All Shatter skills inflict confusion.
Master Trait mesmer.png Illusionists Celerity Reduces recharge on illusion-summoning skills.
Grandmaster Trait mesmer.png Shattered Strength Shattering illusions grants you might per illusion.
Adept Trait I.png Precise Wrack Mind Wrack has an increased critical-hit chance.
Adept Trait II.png Confusing Cry Cry of Frustration grants retaliation.
Adept Trait III.png Compounding Power Gain increased damage for each of your active illusions.
Adept Trait IV.png Masterful Reflection Distortion grants reflection.
Adept Trait V.png Master of Misdirection Confusion you inflict lasts longer.
Adept Trait VI.png Dazzling Glamours Glamour skills blind foes at target location.
Master Trait VII.png Illusionary Elasticity Bouncing attacks have one additional bounce.
Master Trait VIII.png Illusionary Invigoration 60 Recharge all of your shatter skills when your health drops below the threshold.
Master Trait IX.png Blinding Befuddlement 5 Cause confusion when you blind a foe.
Master Trait X.png Phantasmal Haste Reduces recharge on phantasm attack skills.
Grandmaster Trait XI.png Illusionary Persona Shattering illusions creates the shatter effect on you as well.
Grandmaster Trait XII.png Imbued Diversion Diversion hits multiple targets.
Grandmaster Trait XIII.png Maim the Disillusioned Enemies hit by shatter skills are inflicted with torment.