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A clone is one of the two types of illusions created by the mesmer, primarily intended to distract the enemy: Clones mimic the appearance and basic behavior of the caster, but have significantly lower health and do relatively little damage. Upon creation, clones focus only on their targeted foe, persisting until the clone's target is defeated or the clone expires through damage, being shattered or being replaced by a new illusion.


  • Clones are created by any skill with a type of clone.
  • Unlike phantasms, clones display the same name and targeting badge as the mesmer who created them.
  • They are affected by boons, area effects, and conditions, but not by environmental effects like lava.
  • A clone's basic attack is the same as the caster's first weapon skill, e.g. Spatial Surge for clones created while wielding a greatsword. Clones have approximately 1 second of delay between attacks, meaning they attack slower than the player. All effects of attacks such as conditions caused by Winds of Chaos still apply.
  • Although base damage of clones is near zero, they can apply conditions and boons depending on traits selected and their attack skill. Their purpose is to distract opponents, attract aggro, and be shattered by the mesmer to produce damage and other effects.

List of skills that create clones[edit]

Profession Weapon / Skill slot Clone Description
Mesmer tango icon 20px.png Mesmer Greatsword
Mirror Blade.png
 Mirror Blade
Throw an illusionary greatsword that bounces between targets, damaging foes and giving might to allies. It creates a clone at its first target.
Phase Retreat.png
 Phase Retreat
Teleport away from your target, summoning a clone that casts Winds of Chaos.
Ether Clone.png
 Ether Clone
Shoot out a third bolt of energy that damages your target. Summon a clone that casts Ether Bolt.
Illusionary Counter.png
 Illusionary Counter
Block the next attack. Counter by applying Torment and creating a clone that casts Ether Bolt.
Main-hand Sword
Illusionary Leap.png
 Illusionary Leap
Summon an illusion that leaps at your target, crippling them. After the initial leap, the clone will execute the Mind Slash sword chain.
Off-hand Sword
Illusionary Riposte.png
 Illusionary Riposte
Block your foe and create an illusion when attacked.
Feigned Surge.png
 Feigned Surge
Surge forward, attacking foes in front of you, then teleport back to your starting location, creating a clone.
Spinning Revenge.png
 Spinning Revenge
Grant retaliation to nearby allies and summon a clone to attack your foe. You gain chaos armor.
Gain stealth and summon an illusion to attack your foe.
Mirror Images.png
 Mirror Images
Summon two clones to attack your foe.
Vanish in the Deep.png
Create a downed clone of yourself to attack your target.

Related traits[edit]

See also: Illusion#Related traits


  • Clones summoned automatically, such as by Deceptive Evasion, target the enemy nearest to them upon creation.