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Explosives.pngExplosives is a core specialization for the engineer that focuses on use of explosives, especially when using Bomb Kit, Grenade Kit, and Throw Mine.

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Evasive Powder Keg.png Evasive Powder Keg 10 Creates a bomb when you dodge.
Major Adept Grenadier.png Grenadier Increase the throw velocity and blast radius of grenades.
Major Adept Explosive Descent.png Explosive Descent Release a barrage of grenades when you take falling damage. You take less damage from falling.
Major Adept Glass Cannon.png Glass Cannon Damage increases when above health threshold.
Minor Master Steel-Packed Powder.png Steel-Packed Powder Explosions cause vulnerability.
Major Master Aim-Assisted Rocket.png Aim-Assisted Rocket 10 Striking a foe occasionally tags it for a seeker rocket.
Major Master Shaped Charge.png Shaped Charge Deal more damage to targets with vulnerability.
Major Master Short Fuse.png Short Fuse Bombs explode faster and have a faster cooldown.
Minor Grandmaster Explosive Powder.png Explosive Powder Improves damage from explosions. Turrets explode and knock back foes when destroyed.
Major Grandmaster Siege Rounds.png Siege Rounds Mortar rounds leave a longer-lasting combo field. Orbital Strike hits an additional time 1 second after the first hit.
Major Grandmaster Shrapnel.png Shrapnel Explosions have a chance to cripple and cause bleeding.
Major Grandmaster Thermobaric Detonation.png Thermobaric Detonation 10 Evasive Powder Keg deals more damage and is now a blast finisher.
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