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Condition Damage.png Condition Damage, also known as Malice, is a secondary attribute that improves the damage dealt by conditions your character inflicts. The boon Might increases condition damage along with power.

A character's current Condition Damage value can be seen on the Hero panel.


Condition Factor Base Damage at Level 80 Damage from +100 Condition Damage
Bleeding 40px.png Bleeding 0.05 42.5 per stack per second +5 per stack per second
Burning 40px.png Burning 0.25 328 per second +25 per second
Poison 40px.png Poison 0.10 84 per second +10 per second
Confusion 40px.png Confusion[1] 0.2 130 per stack per skill use +20 per stack per skill use
Fear 40px.png Fear[2] 0.25 302 per second +25 per second
Torment 40px.png Torment[3] 0.0375 32 per stack per second +3.75 per stack per second

Actual damage per second/attack per stack = Base Damage + (Factor * Condition Damage). At level 80, most conditions require roughly 850 condition damage to double their damage output; burning is an outlier, requiring over 1300 condition damage to double.

  1. ^ Confusion deals less damage in structured PvP and WvW.
  2. ^ Only causes damage under the effects of Terror (the IX necromancer trait under Curses). Deals 50% more damage if the target has another condition on them.
  3. ^ Deals two damage packets per second while moving.

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Trait lines that increase condition damage[edit]

1 trait point in the indicated trait line increases condition damage by 50 points.

Traits that increase condition damage[edit]

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Consumables that increase condition damage[edit]


  • Any condition damage that is currently affecting a target, will update per tick according to the source character's stats. For example, An engineer may inflict bleed with an Elixir Gun weapon kit and then swap to a pair of +condition damage pistols in order to increase the damage over time, even if no further conditions are inflicted.


  • The diamond-shaped icon for this attribute (and for Condition Duration) is a relic of early development, when all conditions had diamond-shaped icons in different colors, instead of the uniform red icons they have now.

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