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This is a list of necromancer traits.

Spite.png Spite[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Reaper's Might.png Reaper's Might Shroud skill 1 grants might.
Major Adept Spiteful Talisman.png Spiteful Talisman Deal increased damage to foes with no boons. Focus skills recharge faster.
Major Adept Spiteful Renewal.png Spiteful Renewal 5 Consume conditions to gain health when you strike a foe below the health threshold.
Major Adept Bitter Chill.png Bitter Chill Chilling a foe inflicts vulnerability.
Minor Master Death's Embrace.png Death's Embrace Inflict vulnerability when you strike a foe below the health threshold. Deal more damage while downed.
Major Master Chill of Death.png Chill of Death Cast Spinal Shivers on a foe when attacking them while their health is below the threshold.
Major Master Rending Shroud.png Rending Shroud Constantly apply vulnerability to nearby foes while in shroud
Major Master Unholy Fervor.png Unholy Fervor Reduce recharge of axe skills. Axe skills deal increased damage to vulnerable foes.
Minor Grandmaster Siphoned Power.png Siphoned Power 1 Gain might when you strike a foe below the health threshold.
Major Grandmaster Signets of Suffering.png Signets of Suffering Reduces recharge on signets. Signets grant might when cast and convert boons on affected foes to conditions.
Major Grandmaster Close to Death.png Close to Death Increases damage to enemies below the health threshold.
Major Grandmaster Spiteful Spirit.png Spiteful Spirit Cast unholy feast when entering shroud.

Curses.png Curses[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Barbed Precision.png Barbed Precision Critical hits have a chance to cause bleeding. Increases bleed duration.
Major Adept Terrifying Descent.png Terrifying Descent 30 Inflict fear on foes around you when you take falling damage. Take less falling damage.
Major Adept Plague Sending.png Plague Sending When your conditions meet the threshold, your next critical hit will cast Plague Signet on your target.
Major Adept Chilling Darkness.png Chilling Darkness 3 Blinding a target will also apply chill.
Minor Master Furious Demise.png Furious Demise Gain fury when entering shroud.
Major Master Master of Corruption.png Master of Corruption Reduces recharge on corruption skills. Corruption skills inflict additional conditions on you.
Major Master Path of Corruption.png Path of Corruption Shroud skill 2 now additionally converts boons into conditions.
Major Master Terror.png Terror Fear deals damage; it deals additional damage if the target is afflicted with another condition.
Minor Grandmaster Target the Weak.png Target the Weak Increases critical-hit chance for each condition on your foe. Gain condition damage based on your precision.
Major Grandmaster Weakening Shroud.png Weakening Shroud 10 Cast enfeeble when entering shroud. Critical hits inflict weakness.
Major Grandmaster Parasitic Contagion.png Parasitic Contagion A percentage of your condition damage heals you.
Major Grandmaster Lingering Curse.png Lingering Curse While wielding a scepter, your condition damage is increased. Conditions inflicted by scepter skills have increased durations.

Death Magic.png Death Magic[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Armored Shroud.png Armored Shroud Gain bonus toughness while in shroud.
Major Adept Flesh of the Master.png Flesh of the Master Minions have increased health. Gain bonus toughness for each minion you control. Your minions are destroyed when this trait is reassigned.
Major Adept Shrouded Removal.png Shrouded Removal Lose a condition when you enter shroud and every few seconds while you remain in shroud.
Major Adept Putrid Defense.png Putrid Defense Take less damage from poisoned foes.
Minor Master Soul Comprehension.png Soul Comprehension Your passive life-force generation from nearby deaths is increased.
Major Master Necromantic Corruption.png Necromantic Corruption Minions deal more damage and take conditions from you. Whenever a minion attacks, it transfers conditions to its target. (10 second cooldown per minion.)
Major Master Reaper's Protection.png Reaper's Protection 60 When stunned, dazed, knocked back, pulled, knocked down, sunk, floated, inflicted with fear, taunted, or launched, inflict fear on nearby foes.
Major Master Deadly Strength.png Deadly Strength Gain power based on your toughness. Power gain doubles while in shroud.
Minor Grandmaster Beyond the Veil.png Beyond the Veil Whenever you leave shroud, you and your minions gain protection.
Major Grandmaster Death Nova.png Death Nova Minions explode in a cloud of poison when they die. This effect also triggers when you are downed. When you kill an enemy, summon a Jagged Horror minion to fight by your side.
Major Grandmaster Corrupter's Fervor.png Corrupter's Fervor Inflicting a condition on a foe grants stacking toughness and reduced incoming condition damage.
Major Grandmaster Unholy Sanctuary.png Unholy Sanctuary 30 Regenerate health while in shroud. If your life force is above the threshold, your death shroud will activate if you take a lethal blow.

Blood Magic.png Blood Magic[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Mark of Evasion.png Mark of Evasion 8 Leave a Mark of Blood when you dodge.
Major Adept Ritual of Life.png Ritual of Life Create a well of blood when reviving an ally. Revive speed is increased.
Major Adept Quickening Thirst.png Quickening Thirst Increases movement speed while wielding a dagger. Dagger skills recharge faster if activated while above the health threshold.
Major Adept Blood Bond.png Blood Bond Cast Lesser Signet of Vampirism on your foe when you inflict bleeding on them that matches or exceeds the threshold.
Minor Master Vampiric.png Vampiric Siphon health whenever you hit a foe. Minions siphon health and transfer it to you.
Major Master Life from Death.png Life from Death Heal and partially revive allies in an area when you exit shroud.
Major Master Banshee's Wail.png Banshee's Wail Reduces recharge on warhorn skills and increases their effect durations.
Major Master Vampiric Presence.png Vampiric Presence You and your nearby allies siphon health with attacks.
Minor Grandmaster Last Rites.png Last Rites Allies near you do not bleed out while downed. Gain healing power based on your current health.
Major Grandmaster Vampiric Rituals.png Vampiric Rituals Wells siphon health every time they pulse and grant protection to allies when cast. Reduces recharge of wells.
Major Grandmaster Unholy Martyr.png Unholy Martyr Draw conditions from allies when you enter shroud and every few seconds while you remain in shroud. Gain life force each time a condition is removed.
Major Grandmaster Transfusion.png Transfusion Shroud skill 4 heals and partially revives nearby allies. Up to five downed allies near you teleport to your location while you're channeling shroud skill 4.

Soul Reaping.png Soul Reaping[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Gluttony.png Gluttony Increases life force gain from skills.
Major Adept Unyielding Blast.png Unyielding Blast Shroud skill 1 causes vulnerability.
Major Adept Soul Marks.png Soul Marks Marks generate life force when triggered. Marks are unblockable.
Major Adept Speed of Shadows.png Speed of Shadows Increases movement speed while in shroud. Reduces recharge on shroud.
Minor Master Last Gasp.png Last Gasp 50 Gain Spectral Armor when your health falls below the threshold.
Major Master Spectral Mastery.png Spectral Mastery Reduces recharge on spectral skills. Spectral skills last longer and grant life force on use.
Major Master Vital Persistence.png Vital Persistence Life force drains slower while in shroud. Shroud skills recharge faster.
Major Master Fear of Death.png Fear of Death 90 Your fear effects have increased durations. Inflict fear on foes when you are downed.
Minor Grandmaster Strength of Undeath.png Strength of Undeath You do more damage while above the life-force
threshold. Maximum life force increased
Major Grandmaster Foot in the Grave.png Foot in the Grave Gain stability and break stuns when you enter shroud.
Major Grandmaster Death Perception.png Death Perception Increases critical-hit chance while in shroud.
Major Grandmaster Dhuumfire.png Dhuumfire Shroud skill 1 inflicts burning on your target.

Reaper.png Reaper[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Shroud Knight.png Shroud Knight Death shroud is replaced with reaper's shroud, which has more melee-oriented skills.
Major Adept Augury of Death.png Augury of Death Reduces recharge of shouts. Your shouts siphon health and gain additional recharge reduction for each foe they hit.
Major Adept Chilling Nova.png Chilling Nova 8 Critical hits against chilled foes causes an explosion that chills adjacent foes.
Major Adept Relentless Pursuit.png Relentless Pursuit Reduces duration of movement-impairing conditions. Additional reduction while in reaper's shroud.
Minor Master Shivers of Dread.png Shivers of Dread Whenever you inflict fear, you also chill.
Major Master Soul Eater.png Soul Eater Reduces recharge on greatsword skills. Gravedigger steals health if it hits.
Major Master Chilling Victory.png Chilling Victory Striking a chilled foe grants might and life force.
(Single attacks can activate this trait more than once before recharging.)
Major Master Decimate Defenses.png Decimate Defenses Striking a foe with vulnerability increases your critical hit chance.
Minor Grandmaster Cold Shoulder.png Cold Shoulder Chill lasts longer, and chilled foes deal less damage to you.
Major Grandmaster Blighter's Boon.png Blighter's Boon Gain life force when you apply a boon to yourself. If you are in reaper's shroud, gain health instead.
Major Grandmaster Deathly Chill.png Deathly Chill Chill deals damage over time.
Major Grandmaster Deathly Chill.png Deathly Chill (PvP) Chill deals damage over time.
Major Grandmaster Reaper's Onslaught.png Reaper's Onslaught Attack faster and gain ferocity while in a reaper's shroud. Killing a foe while in a shroud reduces recharge on all shroud skills.