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Tools.pngTools is a core specialization for the engineer that focuses on use of utility kits and endurance.

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Optimized Activation.png Optimized Activation Using tool belt skills grants vigor.
Major Adept Static Discharge.png Static Discharge Discharge a bolt of lightning whenever you use a tool belt skill.
Major Adept Reactive Lenses.png Reactive Lenses 40 Activates utility goggles when blinded or disabled.
Major Adept Power Wrench.png Power Wrench Reduces recharge and improves damage for tool kit skills. Enhances turret-repairing skills.
Minor Master Mechanized Deployment.png Mechanized Deployment Recharge of your tool belt skills is reduced.
Major Master Streamlined Kits.png Streamlined Kits 20 Equipping a kit creates an attack or spell and grants you swiftness.
Major Master Lock On.png Lock On Striking a foe in stealth analyzes them.
Major Master Takedown Round.png Takedown Round 10 Striking a foe above the health threshold places a delayed explosive charge on them.
Minor Grandmaster Excessive Energy.png Excessive Energy While at full endurance you deal additional damage.
Major Grandmaster Kinetic Battery.png Kinetic Battery 40 After evading a strike, your next tool belt skill is instantly recharged.
Major Grandmaster Adrenal Implant.png Adrenal Implant Endurance regeneration is increased.
Major Grandmaster Gadgeteer.png Gadgeteer Build static charges when struck. At maximum charge level, your next gadget skill is overcharged and recharges faster.
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