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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Guardian trait line. For the weapon with the same name, see Radiance (weapon).

Radiance is a trait line for the guardian that focuses on improving signets, burning and blinding.

Per point:

Precision.png Precision +50
Condition Damage.png Condition Damage +50
Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Adept Trait guardian.png Justice is Blind When activating Virtue of Justice, nearby foes are blinded.
Master Trait guardian.png Renewed Justice Virtue of Justice is renewed when you kill a foe.
Grandmaster Trait guardian.png Radiant Power Deal more damage to foes inflicted with conditions.
Adept Trait I.png Healer's Retribution Gain retaliation when using a heal skill.
Adept Trait II.png Signet Mastery Reduces recharge on signets.
Adept Trait III.png Shimmering Defense 60 Burn nearby foes when you are struck while below the health threshold.
Adept Trait IV.png Inner Fire When you are set on fire, you gain fury.
Adept Trait V.png Searing Flames 10 When you apply burning to a foe, remove a boon.
Adept Trait VI.png Blind Exposure Applying blind also applies vulnerability.
Master Trait VII.png Radiant Fire Reduces recharge on torch skills. All burning durations are increased
Master Trait VIII.png A Fire Inside Spirit weapons cause burning.
Master Trait IX.png Inscribed Removal Using a signet cures a condition on you.
Master Trait X.png Powerful Blades Sword and spear damage is increased.
Grandmaster Trait XI.png Right-Hand Strength Critical-hit chance with one-handed weapons is increased.
Grandmaster Trait XII.png Perfect Inscriptions Signet passive effects are improved.
Grandmaster Trait XIII.png Radiant Retaliation Retaliation damage scales from condition damage instead of power.