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Boon Duration.png Boon Duration is a derived attribute that increases the duration of all boons applied by the character by a fixed percentage. Boon Duration can be increased by using certain upgrade components, traits, some skills, and food consumables. Boon Duration cannot be increased beyond +100%.

Boon Duration is also increased by the secondary attribute Concentration, at a rate of 1% per 15 points in Concentration.

Related skills[edit]

Utility skills that increase boon duration[edit]

Profession mechanics that increase boon duration[edit]

Related traits[edit]

Traits that increase boon duration[edit]

See also: Concentration#Related traits

Related equipment[edit]

Upgrade components that increase boon duration[edit]


Boon duration is granted by the 2nd, 4th and/or 6th rune tier of the runes listed.

Rune Boon Duration Rarity Level Required
Minor Rune of the Water.png Minor Rune of the Water +2% DMasterwork 0
Major Rune of the Water.png Major Rune of the Water +3% ERare 39
Superior Rune of the Water.png Superior Rune of the Water +20% FExotic 60
Minor Rune of the Monk.png Minor Rune of the Monk +2% DMasterwork 0
Major Rune of the Monk.png Major Rune of the Monk +6% ERare 39
Superior Rune of the Monk.png Superior Rune of the Monk +15% FExotic 60
Minor Rune of Sanctuary.png Minor Rune of Sanctuary +2% DMasterwork 0
Major Rune of Sanctuary.png Major Rune of Sanctuary +3% ERare 39
Superior Rune of Sanctuary.png Superior Rune of Sanctuary +5% FExotic 60
Major Rune of Altruism.png Major Rune of Altruism +6% ERare 39
Superior Rune of Altruism.png Superior Rune of Altruism +10% FExotic 60
Minor Rune of the Traveler.png Minor Rune of the Traveler +2% DMasterwork 0
Major Rune of the Traveler.png Major Rune of the Traveler +6% ERare 39
Superior Rune of the Traveler.png Superior Rune of the Traveler +15% FExotic 60
Superior Rune of the Herald.png Superior Rune of the Herald +15% FExotic 60
Superior Rune of Surging.png Superior Rune of Surging +15% FExotic 60
Superior Rune of Durability.png Superior Rune of Durability +20% FExotic 60
Superior Rune of Leadership.png Superior Rune of Leadership +30% FExotic 60


Certain sigils can (temporarily) increase the duration of boons. This effect cannot bypass the duration cap of +100%.

Sigil Boon Duration Effect Duration Rarity Level Required
Minor Sigil of Concentration.png Minor Sigil of Concentration +33% 3 seconds after swapping weapons DMasterwork 0
Major Sigil of Concentration.png Major Sigil of Concentration +33% 5 seconds after swapping weapons ERare 39
Superior Sigil of Concentration.png Superior Sigil of Concentration +33% 7 seconds after swapping weapons FExotic 60

Related consumables[edit]

Primary article: Concentration#Related consumables

Maximizing boon duration[edit]

Out of date This article or section contains information about Guild Wars 2 which is known (or is likely) to be out of date.
Please read this information with caution and update it with current information if you can.

Details: "Values need updating. Doubloons, food and utility items give concentration now."

This table gives the optimum combination of equipment and consumable effects necessary to achieve the highest possible boon duration bonus. The foods and Utility Items have been expanded upon and might need some further insght and research to optimize for specific players

  • It does include some bonuses added to the bottom for AoE applicable boons
  • It also includes a suggestion for a Sigil which could be used instead of a Platinum doubloon
  • But the effects of those temporary boons are situational in how they can be obtained, and not permanent
Source Amount
Concentration from equipment
Ascended 4-attribute armor
Vigilant, Commander's, Minstrel's, or Wanderer's
207 (13.8% Boon duration)
Ascended 4-attribute weapons
Vigilant, Commander's, Minstrel's, or Wanderer's
118 (7.86% Boon duration)
Boon duration from trinkets Ascended [1]
6 Ascended 4-attribute trinkets
Vigilant, Commander's Minstrel's, or Wanderer's
(This includes an ascended Backpack)
308 (20.53% Boon duration)
Boon duration from trinkets Exotic (preferred) [2]
5 Exotic 4-attribute trinkets
Vigilant, Commander's Minstrel's, or Wanderer's (Allows for usage of 5 platinum doubloons)
210 (14% Boon duration)
1 Exotic 3-attribute backpack
preferably a lvl 78 (craftable) or 80 backpack (Allows for usage of 1 platinum doubloon)
(0% Boon Duration)
Concentration total (Full ascended) 633 / (Ascended /w Exotic Trinkets) 531
Boon duration from equipment
Concentration as boon duration (Full ascended) 42.2% / (Ascended /w Exotic Trinkets) 35.4%
Superior Rune of Leadership (Full set) 30%
Platinum Doubloon x6 (ONLY if exotic trinkets were chosen) [3] 24%
Platinum Doubloon (x2 (or 1 and 1 Gold Doubloon)) [4] 7%/8%
Subtotal option 1: (Ascended Gear/Ascended trinkets/2 Platinum Doubloons) 80.2%
Subtotal option 2: (Ascended Gear/Exotic trinkets/8 Platinum Doubloons) 97.4%
Consumable effects (also see above)
Boon duration Food [5] 20%
Bountiful Utility item [6] 10%
Subtotal from Consumable effects 30%
Grand total (Ascended Gear/Exotic trinkets/8 Platinum Doubloons) 127.4%[7]
Other Temporary effects
Sigil of Concentration (Allows for Boon Duration on Weapon Swap) 33% (for 3/5/7 seconds)
Banner of Tactics (Warrior Banner) 10% (lasts 60 seconds)
Naturalistic Resonance (Effect of Herald's Facet of Nature) 33% (as long as upkeep allows)
  1. ^ This build does allow for the full use of Agony Infusion and thus high level Fractals
  2. ^ This build allows for higher boon duration but sacrifices 10 of the 18 Agony Infusion slots
  3. ^ 1 on back item, and 5 on trinkets provided these are Exotic Trinkets (replace the default jewels, as they only give 10 concentration =~ 0.67% boon duration vs 4% for platinum Doubloon).
  4. ^ There are 2 slots on weapons (note: on 2 handed weapons only 1 platinum doubloon may be placed, second doubloon will be gold).
  5. ^ These foods incude Chocolate Omnomberry Cream, Loaf of Candy Cactus Cornbread and many more, Please refer to Food for more details
  6. ^ Power: Bountiful Sharpening Stone, Precision: Bountiful Maintenance Oil, Condition Damage: Bountiful Tuning Crystal
  7. ^ As stated above, this is capped at 100%. However, there are some skills, traits, and upgrade components that affect specific boons (e.g. Virtue of Retribution for retaliation, Rune of the Air for swiftness), and those are applied in addition to this attribute.


  • The boon ends 1 second after the "Time Left" countdown shows "0 seconds"
  • Even if the maximum increase is +100%, tooltips will show durations beyond this limit


  • During beta, Boon Duration was named Concentration.