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List of revenant traits

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This is a list of revenant traits.

Devastation.png Devastation[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Mutilate Defenses.png Mutilate Defenses Striking a foe gives you a chance to apply vulnerability.
Major Adept Ferocious Strikes (revenant).png Ferocious Strikes Gain increased ferocity while dual-wielding weapons.
Major Adept Vicious Lacerations.png Vicious Lacerations When you attack while wielding a sword, gain a stack of vicious laceration. This can be stacked up to five times.
Major Adept Malicious Reprisal.png Malicious Reprisal 30 When one of your attacks is blocked, your next attacks will be unblockable.
Minor Master Targeted Destruction.png Targeted Destruction Deal increased damage to targets with vulnerability.
Major Master Jade Echo.png Jade Echo Use Jade Winds when you are downed. Deal increased damage while downed.
Major Master Nefarious Momentum.png Nefarious Momentum Gain might when using assassin stance skills.
Major Master Assassin's Presence.png Assassin's Presence Increase the ferocity of nearby allies.
Minor Grandmaster Focused Siphoning.png Focused Siphoning When you strike foes that have vulnerability, siphon life from them.
Major Grandmaster Swift Termination.png Swift Termination Increased damage to targets below the health threshold.
Major Grandmaster Dismantle Fortifications.png Dismantle Fortifications Skills that disable foes (stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, fear, launch or taunt) remove an additional stack of stability.
Major Grandmaster Assassin's Annihilation.png Assassin's Annihilation 1 Siphon life from foes when hitting a foe from behind or the side.

Corruption (specialization).png Corruption[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Rampant Vex.png Rampant Vex Critical hits have a chance to cause torment.
Major Adept Replenishing Despair.png Replenishing Despair 1 Incoming conditions provide you a small amount of healing.
Major Adept Demonic Defiance.png Demonic Defiance 5 Using a legendary demon stance skill grants resistance for a short duration.
Major Adept Venom Enhancement.png Venom Enhancement 10 When you apply torment, also apply poison. Poison lasts longer.
Minor Master Opportune Extraction.png Opportune Extraction Steal a boon when you inflict torment on a foe affected by at least the threshold stacks of torment.
Each foe can only be affected once per interval.
Major Master Bolstered Anguish.png Bolstered Anguish Increased damage for every condition currently on you.
Major Master Abyssal Chill.png Abyssal Chill When you chill a foe, you also inflict torment on them.
Major Master Spontaneous Destruction.png Spontaneous Destruction 25 Use Banish Enchantment when striking a foe that has boons equal to or greater than the threshold.
Minor Grandmaster Yearning Empowerment.png Yearning Empowerment Torment deals more damage and lasts longer.
Major Grandmaster Diabolic Inferno.png Diabolic Inferno 8 Burn nearby foes when using an elite skill.
Major Grandmaster Maniacal Persistence.png Maniacal Persistence 5 Lash out when you gain resistance, inflicting torment on yourself and nearby foes.
Major Grandmaster Pulsating Pestilence.png Pulsating Pestilence 10 Invoking a legend copies conditions to nearby foes .

Retribution (specialization).png Retribution[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Enduring Recovery.png Enduring Recovery 10 Chance when struck to gain endurance.
Major Adept Planar Protection.png Planar Protection 5 Create a field of the Mists when you take damage from falling. Take less damage from falling.
Major Adept Close Quarters.png Close Quarters Foes that strike you from farther away than the range threshold deal less damage.
Major Adept Improved Aggression.png Improved Aggression Taunted foes deal less damage to you. Taunt has an increased duration when applied to nonplayer characters.
Minor Master Unwavering Avoidance.png Unwavering Avoidance 8 Gain stability when successfully evading an attack.
Major Master Eye for an Eye.png Eye for an Eye 45 When disabled by a foe with stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, taunt, float, fear, launch, or sink, taunt that foe for a short duration and gain protection.
Major Master Retaliatory Evasion.png Retaliatory Evasion Gain retaliation after you dodge.
Major Master Dwarven Battle Training.png Dwarven Battle Training 10 Chance on hit to apply weakness to your foe. Incoming weakness applied to you has decreased effectiveness.
Minor Grandmaster Determined Resolution.png Determined Resolution Take reduced damage below the health threshold.
Major Grandmaster Empowering Vengeance.png Empowering Vengeance 1 Gain might when struck while under the effects of retaliation.
Major Grandmaster Versed in Stone.png Versed in Stone 45 Chance when struck to use Rite of the Great Dwarf. Rite of the Great Dwarf also reduces incoming condition damage.
Major Grandmaster Versed in Stone.png Versed in Stone (PvP) 60 Chance when struck to use Rite of the Great Dwarf. Rite of the Great Dwarf also reduces incoming condition damage.
Major Grandmaster Steadfast Rejuvenation.png Steadfast Rejuvenation 4 Chance when struck to heal yourself.

Salvation.png Salvation[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Disarming Riposte.png Disarming Riposte 20 Striking a foe while they are using a skill blinds them.
Major Adept Nourishing Roots.png Nourishing Roots Grant regeneration to allies near Ventari's tablet.
Major Adept Blinding Truths.png Blinding Truths Blind nearby foes when you use a healing skill.
Major Adept Tranquil Balance.png Tranquil Balance While above the health threshold, healing to allies is increased.
Minor Master Hardened Foundation.png Hardened Foundation Gain toughness based on a percentage of your healing power.
Major Master Tranquil Benediction.png Tranquil Benediction The healing orbs that you create while wielding a staff will now grant swiftness and regeneration when picked up by allies.
Major Master Eluding Nullification.png Eluding Nullification 10 Dodge rolling removes a condition from nearby allies.
Major Master Invoking Harmony.png Invoking Harmony Healing done to allies is increased for a short duration after invoking a legend.
Minor Grandmaster Serene Rejuvenation.png Serene Rejuvenation Increase healing to allies. Natural Harmony also applies alacrity in an area.
Major Grandmaster Selfless Amplification.png Selfless Amplification Increase outgoing healing based on a percentage of healing power.
Major Grandmaster Natural Abundance.png Natural Abundance Create energy fragments around Ventari's tablet when using a legendary centaur stance skill.
Major Grandmaster Momentary Pacification.png Momentary Pacification 45 Using an elite skill attaches vines to nearby foes. After a short duration, vines will immobilize their host.

Invocation.png Invocation[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Invoker's Rage.png Invoker's Rage 10 Gain fury when you invoke a legend.
Major Adept Cruel Repercussion.png Cruel Repercussion 15 When one of your attacks is negated, your next attack will deal bonus damage.
Major Adept Cleansing Channel.png Cleansing Channel Invoking a legend removes a condition.
Major Adept Fierce Infusion.png Fierce Infusion 10 Using a healing skill grants you fury.
Minor Master Ferocious Aggression.png Ferocious Aggression Deal increased damage and condition damage to targets while you have fury.
Major Master Equilibrium.png Equilibrium 10 Invoking a legend triggers a burst from the Mists that heals allies if your energy is below the threshold or damages foes if your energy is above the threshold.
Major Master Equilibrium.png Equilibrium (PvP) 10 Invoking a legend triggers a burst from the Mists that heals allies if your energy is below the threshold or damages foes if your energy is above the threshold.
Major Master Rapid Flow.png Rapid Flow 5 Heal yourself and gain swiftness when you use a skill which has an energy cost.
Major Master Incensed Response.png Incensed Response Gain might when you gain fury.
Minor Grandmaster Empty Vessel.png Empty Vessel Invoking a legend will now break stuns.
Major Grandmaster Roiling Mists.png Roiling Mists Critical-hit chance has increased effectiveness when you are under the effect of fury.
Major Grandmaster Charged Mists.png Charged Mists Gain might when you use a skill that drops your energy below the threshold.
Major Grandmaster Shrouding Mists.png Shrouding Mists While your energy is above the threshold, your outgoing healing is increased. While your energy is below the threshold, incoming damage to you is reduced.

Herald.png Herald[edit]

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Crystal Harbinger.png Crystal Harbinger You can now use Legendary Dragon Stance skills and gain access to Facet of Nature.
Major Adept Swift Gale.png Swift Gale Gain superspeed when you successfully break a stun.
Major Adept Radiant Revival.png Radiant Revival 45 Gain infused light when you begin reviving a downed ally. You revive allies faster.
Major Adept Hardening Persistence.png Hardening Persistence Gain toughness for each point of upkeep you are currently using.
Minor Master Vigorous Persistence.png Vigorous Persistence Gain increased endurance regeneration while you have an active upkeep skill.
Major Master Bolster Fortifications.png Bolster Fortifications Grant protection to nearby allies when using a healing skill.
Major Master Shared Empowerment.png Shared Empowerment 1 When you apply a boon to an ally, also apply might to nearby allies.
Major Master Harmonize Continuity.png Harmonize Continuity When you successfully stun break, you also stun break nearby allies.
Minor Grandmaster Envoy of Sustenance.png Envoy of Sustenance Increased boon duration.
Major Grandmaster Elder's Force.png Elder's Force Increased damage per boon on you.
Major Grandmaster Soothing Bastion.png Soothing Bastion Activate Crystal Hibernation when struck when you are below the health threshold. Using a shield skill increases boon duration.
Major Grandmaster Enhanced Bulwark.png Enhanced Bulwark 1 When stability is applied to you, gain an extra stack.