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Reflect is a combat mechanic that returns incoming projectile attacks to their source, including all properties of the projectiles; the original target is unaffected by a reflected attack. However, reflected attacks do not count as hits and will not trigger hit-based effects, such as on-hit sigil effects. Unblockable projectiles cannot be reflected.

For example, if a ranger attacks a foe using the longbow's Rapid Fire, the arrows will be reflected back at the ranger. If any hit, the ranger will be damaged and be affected by vulnerability; the target will not.

Each projectile can only be reflected twice, after which they will go through any further reflecting effects unless they can also block projectiles.


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[edit] Notes

  • Reflection is sometimes used to refer to retaliation and similar mechanics that punish attacks by dealing damage to the source. Retaliation-type effects apply to any type of attack, but do not mitigate any part of the original attack, including damage or effects. For example, under retaliation, the ranger using the longbow will be damaged by a fixed amount for each successful hit on the target, but that target will still be damaged by the full amount and still be affected by vulnerability.

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