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Open World PvE Engineer Group Builds[edit]

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png HHH (Harrier's Healing Hammer) Scrapper

Damage.png Damage Reduction

Might.png Might

  • Alchemy: HGH - Elixirs (and their toolbelt skills) each grant 2 stacks of Might.

Regeneration.png Regeneration

  • Healing Turret.
  • Healing Turret: Regenerating Mist (Toolbelt).

Vigor.png Vigor

Vulnerability.png Vulnerability

Weakness.png Weakness


  • Alchemy: Health Insurance can be taken with Heal: Med Kit when unable to reliably blast Water Fields.
  • The Cleric's Trinket Pieces can be swapped out for any other primary stat Healing combination.

Elixirs can be taken for the additional boons / utility as needed.

  • Elixir B: Grants Stability + Random Boon.
  • Elixir C: Converts Conditions into Boons.
  • Elixir R: Refills Endurance and Revives Allies.
  • Elixir U: Provides Quickness, Stability and Vigor and breaks stuns on allies.

Note: Only need about 95% Boon Duration as Alchemy: Compounding Chemicals increases Concentration by +240.

GW2Logo new.png Pistol + Shield Harrier's Protective Healing Engineer

Might.png Might

  • Alchemy: HGH - Elixirs (and their toolbelt skills) each grant 2 stacks of Might.

Regeneration.png Regeneration

  • Healing Turret.
  • Healing Turret: Regenerating Mist (Toolbelt).

Vigor.png Vigor

Protection.png Protection

  • Shield Skills.
  • Inventions: Experimental Turrets - Thumper Turret provides Protection when first placed.

Vulnerability.png Vulnerability

Open World PvE Engineer Solo Builds[edit]

Power Builds[edit]

Damage is dealt directly and takes effect immediately.

GW2Logo new.png Rifle Engineer

Explosions cause Vuln and a 33% chance to cause cripple and bleeding you deal increased damage to Vuln foes. Crits on foes within 300 range grants you Fury and Fury grants you Ferocity. Equipping a kit provides Swiftness.

Use Flamethrower between foes to pre-stack some initial Might, Can use Bomb Kit (instead of Grenade Kit) for Melee Range as Fire Bomb provides a Fire Field and Big Ol’ Bomb (tool kit) is a blast finisher. Rifle Turret can be swapped for Thumper Turret to give you more blast finishers.

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png Hammer Scrapper

Easy access to Might, Fury, Vigor (Toolbelt) and Swiftness (Kits) and comes with a 50% increase to Endurance Regeneration. Use Flamethrower between foes to pre-stack Might and to ensure you some Stability for your initial attack. Use your Blast Gyro as you move in to range.

PoF logo small.png Rifle Holosmith

Rifle Holosmith plays very much like the Rifle Engineer but now with more Kaboom.


Condition Builds[edit]

Deals damage over time.

GW2Logo new.png Dual Pistol Sinister Engineer

All Blast Finishers grant Might and Explosions cause Vuln and have a 33% chance to cause Cripple and Bleeding. Crits have a 33% chance to cause Bleeding. Toolbelt skills grant Vigor and you deal 10% more damage while under the effects of Vigor.

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png Dual Pistol Viper Engineer

As per Sinister Engineer but with more Condition Duration.


  • Superior Rune of the Afflicted with Sigil of Smoldering + Fancy Truffle Burger / Spicy Cheeseburger.

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png + PoF logo small.png Dual Pistol Viper Holosmith


  • Explosives: Glass Cannon can be swapped to Blasting Zone when unable to keep health above 75%.
  • Bomb Kit can be switched for Grenades or the Laser Disk for more mobile play.

Nightmare + Trapper Runes can be replaced with Weaver Runes and a Sigil of Malice or Berserker Runes and a Sigil of Malice.

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png + PoF logo small.png Rifle Viper Holosmith

Plays out the same as Power Rifle Engineer but with a greater focus on Conditions.


Tanking Builds[edit]

These make use of High Toughness (vs direct damage), Vitality (vs Conditions) or Damage Resistance.

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png Evasive Knight Scrapper

High Toughness with high endurance regeneration, damage and condition damage mitigation and basic barrier generation.


  • Bowl of Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew provides Might on Dodge and +40% to Endurance refill rate.
  • Bowl of Curry Mussel Soup for 10% Damage Reduction + 5% Condition Damage Reduction.
  • Runes of Durability / Leadership for some additional boon duration.
  • Berserker/Commander Version
  • The Wanderer Version has more vitality to further improve survivability at the expense of damage.


Utility Builds[edit]

Boons / Support / Healing / Condi Cleanse

GW2Logo new.png Power Rifle Berserker/Commander Engineer

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png Power Hammer Berserker/Commander Scrapper

PoF logo small.png Rifle Berserker/Commander Holosmith

Rifle Holosmith plays very much like the Rifle Engineer but now with more boons.

PoF logo small.png Sword + Shield Berserker/Commander Holosmith

Shield Skills provide a good source or reliable protection as well as additional defence and CC. The Elite Mortar Kit skill 5 - Elixir Shell provides a Water Field that can be blasted with the thumper turret on activation and detonation as well as the toolbelt skill rumble. The Thumper Turret also provides an additional source of Protection. Try to maintain over 100% Heat to maximise the effectiveness of the Sword skills and Quickness from Radiant Arc + Elixir U.


  • Hard Light Arena provides another source for Boons in addition to some Condi Cleanse.

PoF logo small.png Dual Pistol Condi Seraph Holosmith


Support / Healing[edit]

Providing support / healing for the benefit of others.

PoF logo small.png Pistol + Shield Elixir Plaguedoctor Engineer


  • Healing Turret can be taken for an additional strong burst heal.
  • Med Kit 3 provides a water field while Med Kit 5 provides a Blast.
  • Sigils can be changed to use Transference, Water or Renewal for more Support.
  • Consumables can be changed to Delicious Rice Ball and Bountiful Maintenance Oil to improve Outgoing Healing.
  • Plaguedoctor Holosmith



These builds are focused around a particular theme and include gear suggestions (where feasible) for those who appreciate the theme and look of their characters over a dry DPS build.

GW2Logo new.png Dual Pistol Afflicted Charr Engineer of the Iron Legion


  • Flame Turret can be swapped out for the Laser Disk or Bomb Kit as needed.
  • PoF logo small.png Holosmith Version






Head Link=Scarlet's Veil (medium skin) Scarlet's Veil (medium skin)
Shoulders Link=Scarlet's Spaulders Scarlet's Spaulders
Chest Link=Magitech Jerkin Skin Magitech Jerkin Skin
Hands Link=Scarlet's Grasp Scarlet's Grasp
Legs Link=Magitech Legging Skin Magitech Legging Skin
Feet Link=Magitech Boot Skin Magitech Boot Skin

Additional Info[edit]

Swiftness / Movement Skills

  • Tools: Streamlined kits when equipping any kit.
  • Rocket Boots
  • Scrapper - Use a Blast Finisher on the Lightning Field from Hammer 5: Thunderclap.
  • Scrapper - Hammer 3: Rocket Charge.
  • Holosmith - Sword 3: Radiant Arc

Condi Cleanse

  • Utility: Elixir C, Healing Turret (Cleansing Burst), Elixir Gun - Fumigate / Super Elixir, Elixir R (Toolbelt) - Toss Elixir R
  • Elite: Overcharge Supply Crate.
  • Scrapper: Purge Gyro
  • Holosmith: Cauterize (Toolbelt skill of Coolant Blast)
  • Traits: Inventions - Anticorrosion Plating (when you grant Protection) / Cleansing Synergy (on Heal)


  • Elixir S provides a stun break and 3sec evade + Toss Elixir S provides 5sec Stealth.
  • Slick Shoes toolbelt provides Superspeed while Slick Shoes itself provides a Knockdown.
  • Rocket Boots can be useful in getting you of a bad spot / AoE.
  • Elixir R refills your Endurance + Toss Elixir R can be used to remove conditions, revive allies or if timed correctly to self revive / rally.
  • Tools - Optimised Activation (Minor) provides Vigor on Toolbelt use.
  • Tools - Adrenal Implant increases Endurance regeneration by 50%.
  • Alchemy - Iron Bloodied reduces incoming damage and condition damage by 2% per boon on you.
  • Alchemy + Inventions provide sources of Protection.
  • Scrapper - Bulwark Gyro damage reduced by 33% + Defense Field (toolbelt) reflects.
  • Scrapper - Recovery Matrix grants Barrier on Heal
  • Scrapper - Decisive Renown grants Barrier on Revive / finish enemy.
  • Scrapper - Adaptive Armor grants Barrier when struck (3sec ICD) and reduces incoming condition damage by 20%.
  • Scrapper - Medic Gyro > Reconstruction Field (toolbelt) provides some Protection and a mobile Water Field.
  • Endurance has a base regeneration rate of 5% per sec and a max rate of 10% per second allowing for an extra dodge every 5 secs at maximum.

Hard CC Skills


  • 4 - Overcharged Shot


  • 4 - Magnetic Shield > Magnetic Inversion
  • 5 - Static Shield + Throw Shield

Utility Skills

  • Battering Ram / Personal Battering Ram, Supply Crate, Slick Shoes, Big Ol’ Bomb, Flamethrower 3, Thumper Turret, Net Turret, Throw Mine / Detonate
  • Scrapper Only - Hammer 5, Blast Gyro.

Elite Skills

  • Supply Crate, Elixir X
    • Pro Tip:** You can deactivate Photon Forge by switching directly to a kit, though there is a 5sec hard cooldown upon entering Photon Forge whereby you cannot exit. The exception to this is if you become downed or are able to mount up.