Grenade Barrage

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Grenade Barrage.png

Grenade Barrage

Engineer icon small.png Engineer (skill list)
Parent skill
Grenade Kit.png Grenade Kit
Profession mechanic
Weapon slot empty tango.pngWeapon slot filled tango.pngWeapon slot filled tango.pngWeapon slot filled tango.pngWeapon slot empty tango.png
Tool belt
Game link
0.5½ Activation time  25 Recharge time  
Grenade Barrage

Throw several grenades at once.

Damage.png Damage: 160 (0.6)?
Damage.png Damage: 106 (0.4)?
Damage.png Damage: 89 (0.3333)?
Miscellaneous effect.png Number of Grenades: 6
Number of targets.png Number of Targets: 5
Radius.png Explosion Radius: 120
Explosion.png Explosion
Range.png Range: 900

— In-game description

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  • This skill's damage is inconsistent due to the random spread of the thrown grenades. It is therefore more effectively used on nearby and/or non-moving targets.
  • When activated by a player with Quip equipped, the thrown grenades will have streamer trails while in the air. With The Predator equipped, the grenades are fireballs. With HOPE equipped, the grenades are plasma bolts. With The Moot equipped, the grenades are disco balls.
  • Damage value is shown without equipped weapon or kit and should not be used for power coefficient calculations.
  • These grenades are the only grenades that display red circles to enemies, indicating where they will land. Furthermore, every grenade will have a circle of its own.

Version history[edit]

For a detailed skill history, see here.

Patch Changes
March 19, 2024
May 02, 2023
  • Reduced power coefficient from 0.5 to 0.4 in WvW only.
October 04, 2022
  • Increased power coefficient per grenade from 0.3 to 0.3333 in PvP only.
December 01, 2020
  • Reduced power coefficient per grenade from 0.4 to 0.3 in PvP only.
July 07, 2020
  • Reduced the power coefficient per grenade from 0.5 to 0.4 in PvP only.
February 25, 2020 Competitive content update:
  • (Competitive split) Reduced power coefficient per grenade from 0.6 to 0.5.
August 08, 2017 Path of Fire pre-patch:
  • Increased damage by 20%.
February 22, 2017
  • Skills that count as explosions for the traits Steel-Packed Powder, Explosive Powder, and Shrapnel are now marked with a skill fact.
July 26, 2016
  • Grenade Kit: Grenade damage instances will now additively indicate the total damage dealt to a target as grenades strike them instead of displaying each grenade separately.
December 15, 2015
  • The engineer's Grenade Barrage will once again use legendry weapon effects.
July 07, 2015
  • Fixed an issue in which this skill gained unintended functionality with the Grenadier trait.
June 23, 2015 Specialization update:
  • All skills in the grenade kit have had their range updated from 1200 to 900.
  • Recharge reduced from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.
October 21, 2014
  • Removed the duplicate Number of Targets skill fact while underwater.
  • Added a Number of Targets skill fact to Grenade Barrage in PvP.
September 30, 2014
  • Fixed a bug that caused this skill to lose its Number of Targets skill fact with Grenadier slotted or when viewed underwater.
September 09, 2014
  • Added Number of Targets facts to the underwater and traited versions of Grenade Barrage.
  • Fixed the listed radius of the underwater traited version to its actual radius (120).
May 20, 2014
  • Fixed a bug that caused the skill fact for the untraited version of this skill to display an incorrect explosion radius.
April 15, 2014
  • Grenade Kit:
    • Fixed a bug that caused grenades to explode twice before being destroyed when used under water.
    • Added a skill fact for number of grenades to all grenade skills.
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented grenades from having any effect if they directly hit certain destructible structures.
    • Updated the description of this skill to be more accurate.
December 10, 2013
  • Updated the skill facts to indicate the number of grenades thrown when Grenadier is traited.
November 26, 2013
  • This skill now launches 7 grenades when traited with Grenadier, instead of having a 50% chance to launch 6 or 8 grenades.
  • These grenades now display a red ring for enemies and a white ring for allies.
March 26, 2013
  • Grenades no longer require the player to have line of sight of the target area to throw them.
December 14, 2012
  • Grenade kit damage is now equal in PvP and PvE.
November 15, 2012
  • The projectile speed of all grenades has been increased by 10-15%.
  • This skill's damage has been decreased by 10% in PvP only.
  • It also now works correctly with the Explosives trait Grenadier while underwater.
October 07, 2012
  • Grenades now have the same cast time underwater as they do on land.
August 28, 2012 Game release:
  • Grenade Barrage has been added to the game.