Great Helix

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Great Helix

Great Helix map.jpg
Map of Great Helix

Great Helix locator.svg
Location within The Grove


Great Helix.jpg

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The Great Helix is a series of ramps that connect the three levels of The Grove.




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Adventurer: My Dream showed me a portal that leads to the Mists. Are you familiar with it?
Mist Warrior: You're speaking of the Mists portal in Lion's Arch. It leads to a great war.
Adventurer: How curious. I believe I'm meant to go there and fight. Thank you.
Mist Warrior (1): Surely a warrior of your quality knows others who want to fight in the Mist War?
Mist Warrior (2): I know plenty who walked through that portal. I know few who remained on this side.
Mist Warrior (1): I wonder. Would you be willing to make some new friends? No? Okay. Never mind. Forget I said anything.
Citizen (1): I scattered rose petals around the hut and made a special dinner for him.
Citizen (1): I even brewed a pot of the ginger tea that he loves so well.
Citizen (2): How did it go?
Citizen (1): Sadly, he doesn't love me so well. He never arrived.
Citizen (1): Now, he's been telling his friends that I've been chasing him, like a starving wolf after a sheep.
Citizen (2): That cad! What are you going to do?
Citizen (1): I'm going to call him to the dueling field and knock the cad right out of him.
Citizen (1): The firstborn sent them on a quest. They didn't know how long they'd be gone.
Citizen (2): Did they say what the quest was?
Citizen (1): No. Only that it was important to the Grove's safety.
Citizen (1): I respectfully disagree. You cannot rely on information you received from the Dream.
Citizen (2): Of course I can. The Dream reflects all things.
Citizen (1): You assume, my darling, that nothing ever changes.