Nightshade Garden

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Nightshade Garden

Nightshade Garden map.jpg
Map of Nightshade Garden

Nightshade Garden locator.svg
Location within The Grove

The Grove

Nightshade Garden.jpg
Nightshade Garden

Nightshade Garden is The Grove's prison, accessibly only through the Garden of Dusk.




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen 1: Please, don't be angry.
Citizen 2: You have offended me. Something would be amiss if I were not angry.
Warden Watcher: Is there anything I should know?
Warden: Even if there were, I wouldn't tell you. The Night has a right to guard it's secrets.
Warden Watcher: Oooh, aren't you spooky?
Warden: Anything interesting happen?
Warden Watcher: Where to begin! The squirrels are nesting, and there's a turf war going on between crows and gulls.
Warden: And you're not dead from all the excitement?