The Song Bower

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The Song Bower

The Song Bower map.jpg
Map of The Song Bower

The Song Bower locator.svg
Location within The Grove


The Song Bower.jpg

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The Song Bower is an area on the top level of the Grove.





Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen (1): Hey! I heard about the joke you played. Boiled eggs! (laugh)
Citizen (2): He fell for it completely! (laugh)
Citizen (1): I have to leave. I can't take it anymore.
Citizen (2): I don't understand. The Dream feeds us!
Citizen (1): It doesn't feed me. It forces itself down my throat until I'm gagging on it.
Citizen (2): But what will you do? Where will you go?
Citizen (1): I need to find a quiet corner of the world just for me, where I have only my own emotions to deal with.
Citizen (2): I'll be lonely.
Citizen (1): Perhaps. But I must go. I must find a way to break this curse.
Citizen (2): The Dream is not a curse!
Citizen (1): They're talking about changing Ring etiquette yet again.
Citizen (2): Oh, how the vines of our lives twist and twine.
Citizen (2): And through it all, the one thing we can count on, no matter what, is change.
Citizen: I'm overcome with glee!
Citizen: Smell that? How fascinating.
Citizen: Oh my goodness. Poor little plants.
Citizen: We are the ward that keeps this place safe. Stand strong.
Warden (1): Good morning, sunshine! Or should I say "nightshade"?
Warden (2): Don't start. I'm leaving.
Warden (1): It can't be healthy going through life a stinging nettle. You're going to give yourself the rot. Oh wait. Too Late.
Warden (1): I was noticing the other day how plants resemble the body part they heal.
Warden (2): Like how a slice of carrot looks like an eye?
Warden (1): Exactly. And how a cocoa bean resembles a broken heart.