Garden of Night

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Garden of Night

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Map of Garden of Night

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Location within The Grove


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The Garden of Night is an area within The Grove located on the bottom level of the city.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png The House of Caithe
Point of interest (map icon).png The House of Malomedies





Karma Merchant (map icon).pngLosgain

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen (1): They made sure he understood he wasn't welcome here anymore.
Citizen (2): That's what happens when you withdraw your oath of fealty to the Grove.
Citizen (1): I don't understand why you're so angry.
Citizen (2): Do you think the firstborn would welcome your breaking the tenets of the Ventari Tablet?
Citizen (1): No, I suppose not. But it's my choice and my responsibility. Why are YOU angry?
Citizen (2): Your choices affect me because I love you. When you hurt, I hurt.
Sapling: If the Dream knows everything, and we know the Dream, why do we have to study?
Mentor: Life is learning. The Dream gives us the what, and sometimes the how, but it rarely gives us the why.
Mentor: Though your connection to the Dream is a great gift, do not rely on it entirely. The wise sylvari always questions.
Sapling: What is...the Dream?
Mentor: All we know is that the subject of the Dream is life in all its beautiful and terrible moments.
Mentor: The Dream focuses our attention upon the world at large. It expands our awareness beyond ourselves.
Citizen: I am eager and curious, as if I could swallow the whole world in one bite.
Mentor: You've stepped into the current of life. Open your mouth wide and let it all flow in.
Mentor (1): Wisdom doesn't translate as easily as knowledge. It must be earned.
Citizen: I feel so ephemeral. As if I still have one foot in the Dream.
Mentor (2): Your life will acquire substance as you live it.
Citizen (1): Look what's coming this way. How old do you think she is?
Citizen (2): She's got to be barely a week off the Tree. I wonder what she's doing wandering around in the dark.
Citizen (1): Hello! Haven't seen you around here before.
Citizen (3): I'm new. I came from the Pale Tree only five days ago.
Citizen (2): Told you so.
Citizen (2): What are you doing so far from the tree, so late at night, baby pea?
Citizen (1): Haven't they warned you about the danger?
Citizen (3): They told me there were hylek out here, if that's what you mean.
Citizen (1): Oh, yes, that's exactly what we mean. Hylek.
Warden: Good evening, citizens. It's a dark night for gathering among the trees, don't you think?
Citizen (3): They were warning me of the hylek danger, Warden.
Warden: Yes, I'm sure they were. Come with me, newborn. I'll escort you back to the nursery.
Citizen (1): We were just trying to be of assistance, Warden.
Citizen (1): (laugh)
Citizen (2): (snicker)