Envoy's Terrace

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Envoy's Terrace

Envoy's Terrace map.jpg
Map of Envoy's Terrace

Envoy's Terrace locator.svg
Location within The Grove

Envoy's Terrace.jpg
Envoy's Terrace

The Envoy's Terrace is an area of The Grove that connects to the Upper Commons and The Song Bower.




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen: So far, mandrake is the most joyous plant I've ever known.
Citizen (2): Their roots are shaped like us. Perhaps that is why.
(Citizen (1) approaches from the northeast.)
Citizen (1): What are you doing?
Citizen (2): Have you ever really looked at trees? Have you felt their movement? Nothing is ever truly still.
Citizen (1): I never realized there were so many colors in tree bark.
Citizen (2): Beauty is in the details.
Citizen (1): Don't you get bored, sitting here all day?
Citizen (2): Oh no. You don't have to travel to foreign places to find adventure.
Citizen (2): If you look closely, you'll find war, love, and life all around you.
Citizen (1): I'm exhausted from the looking. Perhaps I'll have more luck tomorrow.
(Citizen (1) walks away.)
Warden (1): You're new, aren't you?
Warden (2): I am. I just finished warden training a few days ago. I'm two years old, though.
Warden (1): Two years? I understand. Like you, it took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.