Garden of Noon

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Garden of Noon

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Map of Garden of Noon

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Location within The Grove


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The Garden of Noon is an area within The Grove located on the bottom level of the city.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png The House of Niamh





Karma Merchant (map icon).png Oragan

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Mentor (1): Tomorrow we will take you to the training fields where you can put your energy to good use.
Citizen: I'm ready now. Why must we wait?
Mentor (2): Before all else, you must learn to conquer your own needs. Food. Water. Rest.
Mentor (1): You will face four challenges in your travels. Fear, addiction, power, and convenience.
Citizen: What does that mean?
Mentor (2): Just remember it. You'll recognize them when you face them. Hopefully before, not after.
Citizen (1): The charr are two-legged predators. They know only conquest and devouring.
Citizen (2): I don't believe that. I've heard they create as well. Fabulous stuctures of metal and motion.
Warden (1): She told me that the dragon's corruption has reached the farthest corners of the world.
Warden (2): It's a terrible virus that weakens all nature.
Citizen (1): Are you going to be on the training field later?
Citizen (2): Oh, not for a few days. I have to focus on my studies.
Citizen (1): Have you seen Caithe this evening?
Citizen (2): No. She travels so much, I can't keep track of when she's in the Grove and when she isn't.
Mentor (1): Language is magic. Words carry power. The right word, spoken at the right time...
Mentor (2): the right person, can change the future.
Mentor (1): A whisper in the right ear can kill a culture.
Mentor (2): Language is magic. Words carry power.
Mentor (1): Choose your words and direct them with...
Mentor (2): ...noble demure!
Mentor (1): For once a vile word has found its mark, there is no cure.
Mentor (2): There is no cure!
Sapling: Didn't Ventari want us all to be good? Why is there evil among us?
Mentor: If you examine the tablet, you'll find only one tenet that refers to evil.
Mentor: It says, "Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil or sorrow."
Mentor: It says nothing about evil that arises naturally. Rather, the fourth tenet implies that evil has its place in the world.
Sapling: Animals and other races have mothers. Why don't we?
Mentor: We sylvari were carried in the womb of the Pale Tree, and there, we were nourished with the blood of the Dream itself.