Tender's Terrace

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Tender's Terrace

Tender's Terrace map.jpg
Map of Tender's Terrace

Tender's Terrace locator.svg
Location within The Grove


Tender's Terrace.jpg

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The Tender's Terrace is an area of The Grove. The hatchery pods of the Grove are located here.




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen (1): (laugh)
Citizen (2): You're like a fawn! So fast!
Citizen (3): (laugh)
Citizen (1): You snore as loud as a boar.
Citizen (2): I do not snore!
Citizen (3): Yes, you do.
Citizen (2): Look at that! That footprint is enormous. Do you think it belongs to a charr?
Citizen (1): (laugh) Either a charr or a baby dragon.
Citizen (3): (laugh) I hope it's a baby dragon. They're less frightening.
Citizen (1): I think Caithe is lonely without Faolain. She smiles less often these days.
Citizen (2): Her heart is sore. I know I'd be lost if one of you went away.
Citizen (3): Not me. I'd say, "Good riddance!"
Citizen (1): Ah!