Fractals of the Mists (achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement category. For the dungeon, see Fractals of the Mists. For the region, see Fractals of the Mists (region).

Fractals of the Mists is an achievement category for achievements earned in Fractals of the Mists.

Fractals of the Mists (achievements).png
Fractals of the Mists (Fractals of the Mists)
Total achievements: 64 15 Central Tyria mastery point 340Achievement points


  1. ^ Aerialist: Use your special skill to jump over the wave. The first time you do it, the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: Aerialist effect will appear in your buff bar. As you proceed, the number on the buff will increment. You will receive the achievement as soon as you jump the third time in a row. Getting hit in between resets the achievement.
  2. ^ Falling! Screaming! Diving!: You have to use the Diving Goggles at the end of the jumping puzzle in Mistlock Observatory and jump into the "hole" east of BUY-2046 PFR. Falling into the hole results in you being ported above the hole, resulting in an infinite fall unless you veer away from the middle.
  3. ^ Headhunter: The four chanters that are already present when you first reach the topmost platform do not count against the achievement. This is true at least if they are killed before the Legendary Archdiviner has been aggroed. The achievement can be successfully completed in the same instance even if a party has 'wiped' while fighting the Legendary Archdiviner, and killed chanters.
  4. ^ Subject 6 Deep-Sixer: Bring Subject 6 to 19 stacks during its shield phase before killing it, and do not let it reach 20 stacks at any point thereafter (it explodes at exactly 20). If it reaches 20 stacks, the achievement is voided.
  5. ^ Weapons Tester: You only have to avoid the weapon tests during the final stage of the fight. Long lasting projectile destruction skills, such as Revenant's Protective Solace, can create safe spots for this phase.