Nightmare Fractal (achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement category. For the fractal, see Nightmare Fractal.

Nightmare Fractal is an achievement category for achievements earned in the Nightmare Fractal.

Fractals of the Mists (achievements).png
Achievement (Nightmare Fractal)
Total achievements: 9 35 Arenanet Points.png
This is the meta achievement for this categoryThis achievement rewards an item Nightmare Fractal Central Tyria mastery pointArenanet Points.png
Complete all the achievements associated with the Nightmare fractal.A sinister force lurks deep within the Mists...
Reward:Nightmare Nettleguard.png Nightmare Nettleguard Skin
7/7 Achievement Completed Arenanet Points.png
This achievement rewards an item 30-Second Seizure Arenanet Points.png
Capture all 5 points during the Ensolyss fight within 30 seconds.
Reward:Nightmare Anelace.png Nightmare Anelace Skin
Captured All Points within 30 Seconds Arenanet Points.png
Another Goo Puddle Arenanet Points.png
Get crushed to a paste by Ensolyss. Crushed to a Paste by Ensolyss Arenanet Points.png
This achievement rewards an item Broken Nightmare Arenanet Points.png
Complete the Nightmare fractal on the Master tier.
Reward:Nightmare Thornblade.png Nightmare Thornblade Skin
Complete the Nightmare fractal on the Master tier Arenanet Points.png
Maze Middle Manager Arenanet Points.png
Capture the middle point in the Nightmare maze before capturing the side points. Captured the Middle-Point First Arenanet Points.png
Retrieval Squad Arenanet Points.png
Find all the corpses of the adventuring party that preceded you. 1/1 Corpses Found Arenanet Points.png
2/2 Corpses Found Arenanet Points.png
3/3 Corpses Found Arenanet Points.png
4/4 Corpses Found Arenanet Points.png
5/5 Corpses Found Arenanet Points.png
Shark Tank Arenanet Points.png
Find and kill Fleshgorge the Shark in the Nightmare lake. Killed Fleshgorge the Shark Arenanet Points.png
This achievement rewards an item Volatile Evader Arenanet Points.png
Kill Siax the Unclean without being hit by a hallucination's explosion.
Reward:Nightmare Corsage.png Nightmare Corsage Skin
Killed Siax while Avoiding Volatile Hallucination Explosions. Arenanet Points.png
This achievement rewards an itemThis achievement rewards a title Up to the Challenge Arenanet Points.png
Defeat Ensolyss of the Endless Torment in the Nightmare fractal.Bling-9009 has received reports of your exploits and now carries new weapon skins!
Title: Title icon.png The Unclean
Reward:Massive Achievement Chest.png Nightmare Skin Chest
Defeated Ensolyss in the Nightmare Fractal. Arenanet Points.png