Shattered Observatory Fractal (achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement category. For the fractal, see Shattered Observatory Fractal.

Shattered Observatory Fractal is an achievement category for achievements earned in the Shattered Observatory Fractal.

Fractals of the Mists (achievements).png
Achievement (Fractals of the Mists)
Total achievements: 10 35 AP.png

This is the meta achievement for this category Shattered Observatory Fractal Central Tyria mastery pointAP.png
Complete all the achievements associated with the Shattered Observatory fractal.Stitch the tears in the fabric of reality. 6/6 Achievement Completed AP.png
Be Reactive AP.png
Defeat the mastermind in the Shattered Observatory while all the reactors are active. Defeated the Mastermind While All Reactors Were Active AP.png
Blinded with Science AP.png
Vaporize yourself in the mastermind's projection beam before the fight begins. Vaporized by the Mastermind AP.png
Closing the Loop AP.png
Complete the Shattered Observatory fractal on the master tier. Completed Shattered Observatory on the Master Tier AP.png
This achievement rewards an item Extracurricular Studies of the Astral Kind AP.png
Discover the Truth
Reward:Data Key Log- Extracurricular Studies.png Data Key Log: Extracurricular Studies
1/5 Data Disks Found AP.png
2/5 Data Disks Found AP.png
3/5 Data Disks Found AP.png
4/5 Data Disks Found AP.png
5/5 Data Disks Found AP.png
In Bloom AP.png
Defeat Skorvald the Shattered without being hit by a Solar Bloom explosion.Look in the face of death... Defeated Skorvald while Avoiding Solar Bloom Explosions AP.png
Live Wire AP.png
Suffer the shocking fate of curiosity. Vaporized by the Active Spire of a Highly Charged Coil AP.png
Playing for Keeps AP.png
Bounce a single globolla marble on your head eight times in a row. Successfully Bounced a Marble Eight Times AP.png
This achievement rewards a title Mind Out of Time AP.png
Accept the harbinger's challenge and defeat the mastermind in the Shattered Observatory fractal.Bling-9009 has received reports of your exploits and now carries new items!
Title: Title icon.png The Archdesigner
Defeated the Mastermind in the Shattered Observatory AP.png
This achievement rewards a title Be Dynamic AP.png
Accept the harbinger's challenge and complete the Shattered Observatory fractal with no one in your group being defeated.A full party of five must participate in the fractal from start to finish without dying.
Title: Title icon.png Leaves No Hero Behind
Completed Shattered Observatory with No Deaths AP.png