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Add toys, chairs, musical instruments, and held items to your collection, or browse and equip these items from your current collection.

— In-game description

Two characters showcasing novelties.

Novelties are a type of Wardrobe unlock for toys and items for social interaction.


Location of the Novelty icon on the GUI.
  • One novelty of each type can be slotted in the Equipment tab of the Hero panel, under the Novelties section.
  • Once slotted, the primary novelty can be activated by left clicking the skill icon located on the right of the Skill bar. Right-clicking the icon or the small selection arrow adjacent to the icon allows you to select your primary novelty. If you have Mounts unlocked, the Novelty skill icon will be located right below the Mount skill icon.
    • Right clicking any of the 5 slots in the novelty quick selection box will open the novelties menu in the Hero panel's equipment tab.
    • It is also possible to assign keys to toggle the primary novelty and to activate each equipped novelty type. Default is U for the currently selected primary novelty.
  • Novelties suffer the same restrictions as the original gizmos.
    • Some novelties cannot be used under the effect of a transformation.
    • Some novelties cannot be used in WvW.
    • Most novelties cannot be activated while in combat, but some of them, like kites, can.
    • The Zephyr Sanctum Model can only be used in major cities.
    • Chairs cannot be used within locations where mounts are not enabled or are restricted.


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