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Halloween Daily is a daily achievement category available during Halloween.

Each day, Halloween Fright and five daily achievements are included in the category. Halloween Fright is automatically credited when three of the five daily achievements are completed.


Shadow of the Mad King.png
Halloween Daily (Daily)
Total achievements: 17 0Achievement points


  1. ^ Festive Feud: Some Awakened enemies do not count: Awakened Inquest asura in Domain of Kourna, Awakened Olmakhan charr, Branded Awakened, Loyalists. You do not need to own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, you can kill Awakened enemies during the Defeat the invading Awakened event in core maps.
  2. ^ Royal Racer: You do not neeed to own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, you can rent a beetle from Roller Beetle Rental.
  3. ^ Shut and Locked: Can be completed either in the Mad King's Labyrinth, Kessex Hills, or Gendarran Fields.
  4. ^ Tour of the Labyrinth: Can be completed via the adventure or the race event. You do not neeed to own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, you can do it on foot or use a raptor mount rental via Mad King's Steward added in 2018.
  5. ^ Trick-or-Treat across Tyria: Defeating a legendary boss in the Mad King's Labyrinth also counts as one entry.
  6. ^ Trick-or-Treater: Personalized Trick-or-Treat Bags also count.


The six achievements available each day cycle through twelve days in the following order:


  • During 2014, keeping an achievement from the Halloween Daily in the achievement watchlist made it possible to access the achievement category even after Blood and Madness when it's hidden from the list. It is not possible to progress those achievements though.
  • During 2015 and 2016, The Mad Inquisition achievement was disabled due to Lunatic Inquisition being removed because of game-breaking bugs.
  • Prior to 2015, the Halloween Dailies were separate from other dailies and gave their own reward of 1 Laurel with completing four of the six available Halloween dailies.
    • Five achievements were always available (Candy Craver, Grim Reaper of Grunts, Halloween Costume Brawl Champion, Pumpkin Hacker, and Trick-or-Treater).
    • Sixth daily was rotating each day in order of: Shut and Locked, The Mad Inquisition, then Jumping Mad, before restarting.
  • Prior to 2017, the Halloween Dailies awarded 1 Achievement points each and counted as daily for the 15,000 daily Achievement points cap.
    • Three achievements were always available (Candy Craver, Halloween Costume Brawl Champion, and Pumpkin Hacker).
    • Fourth daily rotated each day in order of: Shut and Locked, Trick-or-Treater, Jumping Mad, then Grim Reaper of Grunts, before restarting.
    • During 2017, the dailies were on a nine-day rotation.
  • The achievement list was updated in 2018, adding Royal Racer and Reaper's Return, and updating the rotation accordingly.