Shadow of the Mad King (achievements)

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Shadow of the Mad King is a holiday achievement category for the Shadow of the Mad King release that celebrates Halloween in Tyria. Each achievement in this category can only be completed once per account. As such, this category may have already been completed for subsequent years.

It contains the achievements related to Magister Tassi's investigation of the Mad King's past and the acquisition of the Mad Memoires backpieces.

Shadow of the Mad King (2017 achievements).png
Shadow of the Mad King (Festivals)
Total achievements: 29 181Achievement points


  1. ^ Ancient Grudge: Some Awakened enemies do not count: Awakened Inquest asura in Domain of Kourna, Awakened Olmakhan charr, Branded Awakened, Loyalists.
    You do not need to own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, you can kill Awakened enemies during the Defeat the invading Awakened event in core maps.
    Veteran Awakened Defilers continuously summon Awakened Mummies, which count towards the achievement, so they can be farmed by leaving the Defiler alive.
  2. ^ Court Duty: Terror of the Tower: The first three chests are worth 5 points each, while the final chest is worth 20 points. The Stopped Clock Tower only conatins the final chest. Or trade 10 Pieces of Candy Corn with Angry Chest per point.
  3. ^ Courtly Service: Spend a total of 5 gold on any combination of services from the Mad King's Steward.
  4. ^ Demon of a Drifter: Extreme challenge time is under 1 minute. Added in 2019. During the time trial it is possible to get a time of exactly 1 minute and earn the golden trial reward without earning the achievement.
  5. ^ Rivalry of Kings: Only requires the achievement Be My Guest to be completed. Any character on the account can complete Rivalry of Kings. Speak to Veteran Brigadier General Kernel and follow the dialog to complete it.
  6. ^ Routing the Rebel Rabble: Killing Rebel Lunatics, as well as some other hostiles within the Mad King's Labyrinth, will count toward the total of 150 needed.
  • New achievements added in 2018: Close the Floodgates of Death, Mad Drifter, Mad Maleficence, Rivalry of Kings.
  • New achievements added in 2019: Mercy of the Mad King.
  • New achievements added in 2021: Court Duty: All's Mad That Ends Mad, Court Duty: Deference to the King, Court Duty: Gathering Evidence, Court Duty: Race to the Precipice, Court Duty: Terror of the Tower, Court Duty: The King's Guest, Court Duty: Untangling the Labyrinth, Court Duty: Where Lunatics Dare, Feline of the Labyrinth, The Outcast Prince.
  • New achievements added in 2023: The Night Time Stood Still, Time Unmoving, Time Unwaiting.


  • The achievement "Mad Memories" is the only time in this collection and associated rewards where "Memories" is used instead of the usual "Memoires", which itself may reflect the original French spelling of the English derivative "memoir".
  • The achievement Close the Floodgates of Death is a reference to the Guild Wars 1 mission Open the Flood Gates of Death.
  • As of 2017, Shut the Doors was the only achievement in this category not required to complete Mad Memorial and receive the Mad Memoires: Complete Ignition backpiece and the "Emissary of the Mad King" title.
  • The Lunatic's Fashion achievement was moved to the Fashion category on November 7, 2017, to allow completion throughout the year even when the Halloween festival isn't active.