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Action Camera Mode settings under Options
Options-Action Camera Reticle Settings.jpg

Action Camera is a special camera mode that enables a third/first person shooter style targeting. If enabled, the mouse cursor is locked in the middle of the screen and transformed into a target reticle, used for aiming the skills at the target. Certain adventures make active use of this camera mode, such as the Shooting Gallery and the Scrap Rifle Field Test.


Action Camera can be toggled on/off by pressing "Toggle Action Camera" keybind (unassigned in the Control Options by default). "Disable Action Camera" keybind is used to temporarily disable the Action Camera if it is used as the main camera mode. The color and shape of the targetting reticle may be changed in the Control Options under User Interface.

Moving the cursor will at this point move the camera with it (as it would by holding down right mouse button and moving the cursor in regular camera mode). Left-Click casts the first weapon skill, and Right-Click is used to select the NPC or an object as a target.

  • When not facing an enemy, a single white dot, a targeting reticule, will appear in the middle of the screen.
  • When facing an enemy, an 'X' is added around the targeting reticule.
  • When an enemy has been targeted and is being faced, a circle is added to the targeting reticule in addition to the 'X'.
  • When an enemy is in range of one or more skills, targeted and being faced, the converging lines will rotate by 45 degrees (top to bottom, right to left)

While this camera mode is active, clicking on the left mouse button will toggle the character's auto-attack and clicking on the right mouse button locks the target under the reticle.

The targeting reticule.


  • Action Camera feature was introduced with the Heart of Thorns expansion and mainly worked on by Joel Helmich.
  • There are a few areas in the game that do not respond properly to action camera. The most obvious is the final story instance in Arah, wherein targeting cannot lock the flying dragon minions.