Mad King's Tower Dock

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Mad King's Tower Dock

Mad King's Tower Dock map.jpg
Map of Mad King's Tower Dock

Mad King's Realm

Mad King's Tower Dock.jpg

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The Mad King's Tower Dock is a room that connects to the Mad King's Clock Tower. It acts as a hub for players waiting for the clock tower jumping puzzle.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Event pumpkin (map icon).png Prepare Your Mind...for a Mad Time! (80)



Halloween creatures


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Lunatic Courtier Amabel: By decree of the Mad King, all who approach yon tower do so at their own risk. Ye have been warned.
Lunatic Courtier Lorcan: Jump, jump, jump for your life. Fall, fall, fall and you die!
Lunatic Courtier Mogg: Tick, tock, the mouse ran up the clock, and time swallowed it whole—tail and all!
Lunatic Courtier Onnika: Don't try for the Mad King's treasure. You'll be dead long before you're rich.
Lunatic Courtier Sumner the Vindictive: If you stop to smell the roses, you'll never reach the garden. If you eat all the apples in the orchard, you'll never have a pie.


  • The NPCs make occasional jokes and taunts towards the players.
  • You are forced to wait here until all players are back at hub or until people have finished the last puzzle.
  • When a new instance is created you are forced to wait here about thirty seconds before the jumping puzzle starts.
  • Sometimes when preforming a dodge roll, the player will be knocked down.