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Movement speed

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Disambig icon.pngThis article is about running speed. For general mobility, see Movement.

Movement speed refers to the distance a character travels over a period of time, relative to the ground, by using the movement keys.

Characters move more slowly while strafing, backpedaling, and while in combat. There are also a number of effects that change the rate. Movement speed altering effects do not stack with each other; instead, the highest value effect takes precedence. For example, a character under the effect of Signet of Air (+25%) and swiftness (+33%) will only move 33% faster.

Maximum out-of-combat movement speed is capped at 133% of base speed; maximum in-combat speed is capped at 125% of base.

Movement speed also affects the distance traveled when leaping, e.g a character using Leap of Faith will move about a third farther under swiftness and only half as far while crippled.


[edit] Base speed

Movement speed can be expressed in units per second (u/s):

Movement Out of combat
In combat
Forward 294 210
Strafing 180 180
Backpedaling 105 105
Cap 400 400

[edit] Related effects

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